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With all the RAM we have these days, it’s easy to get some serious screen clutter going on when you have a ton of apps open. You can hide the current app with Command-H, and you can hide all the… Read more ›     

International Data Corporation (IDC) released it’s quarterly report on worldwide tablet shipments Tuesday. The report states that the data tracking agency has lowered its expected forecast for growth in the tablet sector, which includes Android, iOS, and Windows tablets. Tablet… Read more ›     

Merging windows into Finder Tabs

Finder Tabs are one of the better Mavericks improvements brought to the OS X Finder in years, letting you use the file system in a single window view, with each open folder or directory path as it’s own unique tab. Used properly, Finder Tabs will prevent the enormous amounts of window clutter that can occur unintentionally when navigating around the Mac file system and juggling a handful of  [Read More...]

fsckI saw this tip over at OS X Daily today, and it reminded me of all the times I did this as a Mac IT guy a couple of jobs back. See, every so often, the Macs where I worked would start to act weird. Nothing truly game-stopping, but little things, stuff that was easily [...]

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Using Disk Utility through Recovery Mode is the preferred and primary tool for repairing disks on the Mac platform, but if Disk Utility is either unavailable or not able to repair a drive, then Single User Mode and the command line tool fsck should be your next choice.


The fsck tool is bundled with every Mac, but because it’s accessible exclusively through the command line it may appear complex and sound  [Read More...]

promo_topAuroch Digital just announced the development of a digital version of a classic Games Workshop board game from 1987, Chainsaw Warrior, coming to iPad and Android soon. The original board game is one of the only single-player board games I know of, putting you in the role of the only hope for humanity as scary [...]

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The Clock app in iOS 7 has been updated so that users can choose whether they want time to be displayed in a traditional clock face or switch to a digital clock.

If you’re not quick on the draw with your clock face reading skills then you’ll love this neat little feature. To switch clocks in the app all you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen.

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Single Sheet Of Leather Folds Into $385 iPad Bag

Question: Do you associate complexity with value? That is, do you think that an object is worth more if it uses more parts in its construction? No? That’s absurd, right? But try this: the No.002 bag from Clean Everything is made from a single sheet of leather, cleverly cut and folded to form a bag. The price? €289, or $ 385.

To be completely accurate, the bag  [Read More...]

Time Machine Having regular backups of your Mac is a necessity, and there is really no easier way to consistently back up your Mac than by using the excellent Time Machine feature of OS X. But with the enormous size of external hard drives and their prices becoming cheaper and cheaper, it’s not always necessary to dedicate an entire gigantic hard disk just for Time Machine backups, particularly if your Mac has  [Read More...]

Front Back

Hey fellas. You know what the laydeez love more than anything? Ferrari-branded gear, that’s what. When they see a man in a Ferrari jacket, or toting a Ferrari laptop, or – best of all – topped with a Ferrari baseball cap, do you know what she thinks? She thinks that you must own a Ferrari! Or that you drive one for a living, probably in those macho Formula One races.

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