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Siri’s Reaction To The News That Scott Forstall Is No Longer With Apple [Comic]


Unaware of Scott Forstall’s recent exit from Apple, Siri will tell you that information on Forstall can be found on Apple.com, even though Apple already moved him from the Executive Profiles page.

Somebody’s got to break it to Siri that her buddy Scott is gone, and who better than Tim Cook, Jony Ive, and Phil Schiller. In their latest comic, Joy of Tech imagines what that awkward conversation with Siri  [Read More…]

Adjust Siri’s Volume Level Independently from iOS System Volume

Adjust the volume level of Siri

The volume level of Siri can be independently adjusted from the rest of the system volume of an iPhone or iPad, and it’s really easy to do:

Hold the home button as usual to summon Siri While Siri is visible, use the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone or iPad to adjust only Siri’s volume

This impacts the sound level of Siri both when  [Read More…]

Hands On Demo Of Siris New Features In iOS 6 [Video]

Siri is getting a major update with iOS 6, including support for Apples newest iPad. Theres plenty of new features to see, so we went hands on with Siri running on the new iPad. Check out the video after the break.  

Turn A Photo Of Your Underpants (Or Anything Else) Into Siris Background Image [Jailbreak]

Sick of the boring old gray linen background on your Siri? If youve got a jailbroken iPhone 4S, why not try the new Custom Siri Background Cydia tweak, which allows you to apply a picture from your Camera Roll as Siris background wallpaper.   As you can see, it works a treat. Above, a picture of my seasonal boxer shorts design serves Siri well as  [Read More…]

[Review] Custom Siri Background – Change Siri’s Background!

Have you ever wanted to change the background of Siri? Siri has that dreaded and despised generic Apple background that we see in Notification Center, folders, and a few other places. Have you ever wanted to change it to something different so that every place on your iDevice wasn’t exactly the same? Now you can; thanks to a new free jailbreak tweak dubbedCustom Siri Backgroundby iOS developerOri Kadosh. Using it is simple too. If you  [Read More…]

How To Change Siris Color On A Jailbroken iPhone 4S

Purple Siri is soo boring. Why not change it up a bit? If youve jailbroken your iPhone 4S, then you can take advantage of a fun tweak called Siri Mic Colors. Once installed for free in Cydia, this simple package spices up your iPhones digital assistant with some rainbow flair. Siri Mic Colors is special because it changes colors based on the intensity of your voice.  [Read More…]

Siri’s Co-Founder Calls iPhone Assistant A “World-Changing Event”

One of the many anticipated features expected to be announced tomorrows Lets Talk iPhoneeventis the iPhone Assistant. The iPhone Assistant is a powerful voice recognition and artificial intelligence tool, which will enable real-time searching and control of iPhones. Apple obtained the technology purchased during the companysacquisition of Siriin 2010. According to the Siri co-founder Norman Winarsky, the Assistant voice command feature in iOS 5 will be a “world-changing event. Winarsky  [Read More…]