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Saturday Night Live app loads your iPhone with 40 years of sketches

Saturday Night Live turns forty this year, and what better way to celebrate than by making a sizeable portion of the show’s most classic sketches available to enjoy whenever you want? With that in mind, a newly-launched iOS app boats more than…Read more ›

Marvel Turns Pencil Sketches Into Working App Prototypes

Have a great app idea written down in a notebook that would make you a millionaire if only you could turn it into a working prototype? (Sure you do!) Marvel is a great iPhone app that lets you take sketches…Read more ›

Inside Monument Valley: How ‘Impossible’ Sketches Became An Amazing Game

Monument Valley is one of the most original iOS games ever. A triumph of isometric design, it’s a trippy puzzle game in which you guide a white-clad princess through a series of twisting, turning structures, inspired by the mind-bending art…Read more ›

Ember’s New ‘Smart Drawing’ Feature Magically Turns Your Shaky Sketches Into Smooth Shapes

Ember LibraryEmber for Mac, the terrific scrapbooking tool from Realmac Software, has just received its first update following its debut late last month. The release adds a new feature called “Smart Drawing,” which magically turns your shaky sketches into “beautifully-smooth shapes.” “We’ve been hard at work bringing some frequently-requested features to Ember,” Realmac says in the […]

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