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Future spacecraft could repair its own skin

To see a satellite image of the field of space debris that floats around the earth is like looking at fleas swarming an unfortunate dog. About a half-million pieces of debris are the size of a marble, but even tiny pieces that travel more than 17,000 miles per hour could be deadly to a spacecraft […]

The $25 skin which gives your iPhone 6 an Iron Man overhaul

When Samsung dropped its Iron Man-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge variant, I had a moment I’ve never experienced in my days as an iPhone owner: A feeling of envy. Fortunately that brief emotional response can now be banished to the…

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How to Access & Use Different Emoji Skin Tones on Mac

Now that many of our Emoji characters have various skin tones in iOS and OS X, you may want to access and use the new diverse emoji icon set on the Mac. This is quite simple, but do note that not all Emoji have the diverse skin and hair color options. Generally speaking, it’s the … Read More

OS X 10.10 Inside Look: Yosemite’s beauty isn’t just skin deep

Apple finally revealed the latest version of OSX this past Monday at WWDC, with one of the biggest updates for the operating system in years. In today’s video take a quick look at OSX Yosemite in action with your host…

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Support Jailbreaking With The Official Team Evad3rs Skin

Between their jailbreak solutions for iOS 6 and iOS 7, the hacker collective known as Team Evad3rs has done a lot for OS X device owners. Despite what they’ve done to help liberate people’s iOS devices, though, Team Evad3rs has…

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Skin Away! Winterboard Gets Updated To Support Jailbroken A7 Devices

The Evasi0n jailbreak may have opened up iOS 7 devices to Cydia tweaks, but due to the fact that Apple’s new A7 chip is 64-bit, many of the most popular tweaks have needed to be upgraded to support devices like…

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Grippy SlipStopper iPad Mini Skin Really Does Stop Slips [Review]

Slip Stopper bySlipStopper Category: Cases Works With:iPads Mini Price: $ 29 When I opened up the package containing the SlipStopper, there was a little card inside from my contact Mark. It read “Try sticking your iPad mini on a window, great…

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The BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber Skin: Stylish Protection For Your iPhone [Deals]

CoM - Armor

If you’re looking for solid and stylish protection for your iPhone, then this Cult of Mac Deals is going to be right up your alley. You’ve spent a lot of money on your iPhone. You owe it to yourself to protect it accordingly.

BodyGuardz Armor™ Carbon Fiber is the ultimate in expression and protection. Each carbon fiber skin (Note: This is not a case) is custom designed to fit your  [Read More…]

The FlexiShield Skin For iPad Mini: Good, But It Should Be Cheaper [Review]

The FlexiShield Skin has just enough protection at the front for your display.

The FlexiShield Skin from MobileFun is a translucent silicone case for iPad mini that’s designed to offer long-lasting protection, extra grip, and a slender profile that “highlights the form of your iPad mini” rather than spoiling it.

It provides impact and scratch protection to the back of your device, while still allowing you to access all of its buttons,  [Read More…]

New Glu Mobile Game Death Dome Looks Like Infinity Blade With A Borderlands Skin

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Infinity Blade for your Android device, you’re out of luck. However, if you’re good with playing a Infinity Blade-style game, Glu Mobile just may have the answer for you. The San Francisco-based company has just released a trailer for a new game, Death Dome, that looks a whole lot like Infinity Blade with a heaping serving of Borderlands 2 thrown in for good  [Read More…]