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Terrifying video shows why skydiving is worst time for a seizure

Australia has a flying superhero and his name is Sheldon. A camera mounted on the helmet of his helmet captures Sheldon McFarlane’s successful pursuit of an unconscious skydiving student during a terrifying freefall last November in Australia. In a YouTube…Read more ›

Yes, You Can Book Hotel While Skydiving With Your iPhone [Video]

Did you ever wondered if you can use your iPhone while skydiving to book a hotel? Well, Some one did and have already done it. 00001 Went skydiving in Lake Tahoe. Check out my attempt to book a hotel with the hotels.com mobile app before I landed.


This Skydiving iPhone 4 Survived A 13,5000 Foot Freefall

Want ultimate protection for your iPhone when you are hurling yourself out of airplanes? Get an Incipio case, which helped the unlucky iPhone 4 pictured above survive a two mile free fall, albeit not without some war wounds.   CNN reports that an unlucky skydiver accidentally had his iPhone 4 slip out of his pocket during a dive. It fell 13,500 feet to smash into the hard surface of a  [Read More…]