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It’s great to work ergonomically, but what about sleeping ergonomically?

This post is brought to you by Hulltex, maker of the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow. If you’re one of the millions of people sitting at a computer for eight hours a day, keeping proper posture is a constant concern. You buy all kinds of stopgaps — yoga ball chair, curved keyboard, ergonomic mouse — but how […]

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If you aren’t sleeping with buckwheat under your head, it’s time to wake up

This post is brought to you by Hulltex, maker of the Hullo buckwheat pillow. I’ve been using a buckwheat pillow for a week now and there’s no turning back. My buckwheat pillow never needs to be turned over to keep…

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Robot vacuum tries to suck up sleeping woman

Robot vacuums might be having a moment. Should sales suddenly spike, it may be because of the unintentional endorsement from a South Korean woman, who made news when her hair got sucked up by her robot vacuum. The woman had…

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Stop a Mac Sleeping Only When Specific Apps Are Running

There are plenty of ways to prevent sleep, whether it’s the caffeinate command, the Caffeine menubar item, pmset, or hot corners, but each of those is all encompassing, meaning being active prevents sleep regardless of what is running. If you’ve ever thought it’d be nice to selectively prevent sleep based on specific applications instead, that’s exactly what Wimoweh does.

Prevent sleep when only specific apps are running

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Just What Does Power Nap Do While Your Mac Is Sleeping?


We showed you how to switch on Power Nap on your Mountain Lion-running, SSD-equipped Mac, but just what does this new feature do?

We know that you Mac enters a kind of robotic REM sleep, where it’s brain activity spikes and the network connections power up to download various bits of data, just like Newsstand on iOS. But a new Apple Knowledge Base article outlines the surprising number of tasks which are going  [Read More…]