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Slick aluminum iPhone 6 dock will make you change your ways

Lust List: iPhone 6 dock by Kanex Every now and then, I need to FaceTime with someone. Holding my iPhone still is kind of a challenge when I’m chatting, plus I can’t gesticulate wildly when I’m keeping the iPhone upright with my hands. The folks at Kanex have me covered thanks to this slickly designed […]

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Google Hangouts’ slick update is all about the browser

Google’s chat and video messaging service, Hangouts, got a whole new standalone web app on Monday afternoon. “We are launching another way to use Hangouts today,” writes Google’s Jordanna Chord on Google Plus. “From our new site you’ll be able to take advantage of the best of Hangouts in the browser, along with an inspiring […][Read More…]

Voltus is a slick USB hub for Mac that also packs power

The new Macbook might be the most gorgeous laptop ever made, but killer looks come with a severe case of ports-deficiency. MacBook owners can solve the problem by carrying around a backpack full of dongles, or you could try a…Read more ›

Get iOS 8′s Notification Center on iOS 7 with this slick jailbreak tweak

iOS 7′s Notification Center is useful, but Apple’s made a number of improvements in iOS 8. For one thing, they dropped the ‘Missed’ tab, which was always next to useless. There’s also support for third-party widgets in Today View, as…Read more ›

Adobe Voice lets you turn audio messages into slick iPad animations

Adobe has launched an intriguing new iPad app called Adobe Voice. Designed to help users “create stunning animated videos in minutes,” the app lets you record an audio message, and then quickly and easily turn it into a slick animation.…Read more ›

Google bets on productivity with slick new iOS apps

Until today, you had to use the Dropbox-like Google Drive app or web interface to access Google Docs on iOS. But now Google has official apps to work on documents and spreadsheets, called Google Docs and Google Sheets. An app…Read more ›

Slick Task Management With Mailbox, Drafts, Gmail And (Maybe) IFTTT [How To]

fig 1Cult of Mac reader James Broccoli asks: @mistercharlie Can you write something about how you use IFTTT, gmail and Mailbox as a todo manager, as mentioned in that Nitro article? — James Broccoli (@broccoliboy21) August 28, 2013 My answer was “Sure!” . And if you don’t like this post, make sure to address all your […]

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Silo App, A Slick And Simple To-Do List For iPhone, iPad And Mac

If there’s one note that’s almost guaranteed not to be in any of the zillions of to-do apps spread across your devices, it’s “Find new to-do list app.” However, should you actually have that entry scribbled down somewhere that you can actually find, then you can now cross it off the list: The app in question is called Silo, and it’s pretty slick stuff.

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Shelfy, A Slick Book-Tracking And Cataloging App For iPhone

Shelfy is a new iPhone app which lets you quickly and easily keep a record of the books you have read, and the books you want to read. And unlike apps like Delicious Library, it doesn’t assume that you have a stack of physical paper books to scan: Input is strictly via search, and all the better for it.

The app is free, and lets you add up to 15 books  [Read More…]

Atom Is A Slick New Lockscreen Launchbar For Up To Six Apps [Jailbreak]


Earlier this week, we wrote about Grabby, a rad little Cydia tweak that let you extend the lockscreen camera launcher into a quickbar for up to five favorite apps.

Here’s a similar idea. Atom is an upcoming Cydia tweak that is set to be released this weekend which allows you to unlock your iPhone directly to up to six different apps, just by dragging the on-screen ‘locked’ icon to one of  [Read More…]