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Google completes its iOS productivity suite with new Slides app

Until today, Google had free apps for making documents and spreadsheets on iOS: Google Docs and Google Sheets. To complete the trifecta, Google Slides has been released in the App Store for creating Powerpoint-like presentations. Google is gunning hard at…Read more ›

Light Pad Turns Your iPad Into A Lightbox For Viewing Negatives And Slides

Here’s a little squirt of nostalgia into the brains of our (slightly) older readers: it’s an iPad app called Light Pad HD, and it exists to help you view your film slides and negatives by turning your iPad into a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Light Blaster Projects Slides Into Your Photos Using Your Own Flash And Lenses

Just five short years ago I interviewed the magnificently-bearded Julius von Bismarck about his Image Fulgurator, a modified 35mm film SLR which would project an image onto whatever it was pointed at using a powerful flashgun. The gimmick was that the device was triggered by the flashes of innocent tourist sheep as they flocked to […]

The post The Light Blaster Projects Slides Into Your Photos Using Your Own Flash And  [Read More…]

Apple’s Share Price Slides Following Report Of iPhone 5 Component Cuts


Apple’s share price has plummeted this morning, following an earlier report that said the Cupertino company had cut iPhone 5 component orders due to weaker-than-expected demand. When the market opening on Monday morning, Apple stock dropped to $ 16.23, or 3.1%, to $ 504.07.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a report from The Wall Street Journal regarding iPhone 5 component cuts “spooked Apple investors” and sent the company’s stock sliding even further. Sources familiar with  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial: Apples Closing Evidence [Slides]

A slide from Apple’s closing presentation shows the similarities between iPhone and Galaxy icons.

San Jose, CA — A close look at the presentation of Apple’s closing statement in its trial against Samsung reveals the company has a strong and persuasive argument and may lead to a financial windfall.

The presentation, shown live during closing arguments by lead attorneysHarold McElhinny and Bill Lee, describes the main reasons why Apple was compelled  [Read More…]