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New iPad Pro is slower than 12.9-inch model

The new iPad Pro packs Apple’s fastest chip ever, but it turns out the tablet is actually slower than the 12.9-inch version. Both iPad Pros use the A9x processor. However, when Phil Schiller was gushing about the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s “grunt” during Monday’s iPhone SE keynote, he didn’t mention that Apple underclocked the new […]

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Your phone could be slower due to hidden ads

What you don’t know won’t hurt you – is a common phrase that unfortunately does not apply to the apps on your phone. It turns out that thousands of apps on iOS and Android secretly have ads in them that…Read more ›

Intel says ARM-based Macs would be much slower

Intel’s talking a lot of smack about ARM lately. Around a month ago, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that he wasn’t worried about Apple ditching Intel for ARM chips. And today, Intel’s chief financial officer, Stacy Smith, is openly scoffing…Read more ›

iOS 8 early adoption is significantly slower than iOS 7 and even iOS 6

iOS 8 was released just 24 hours ago in what Apple is calling the biggest iOS release ever, but if early adoption numbers are any indication, customers might not feel the same way. Users are upgrading to iOS 8 at…Read more ›

First impressions of Amazon’s Fire Phone plus iMac gets cheaper (and slower) on The CultCast

There’s a fire in the Amazon! I’m so sorry. Bad jokes aside, on this week’s CultCast we’ll tell you what we love and don’t about Amazon’s much-buzzed debut mobile phone. Plus: the iMac just got a lot cheaper… and slower;…Read more ›

App Store Still Tops Google Play In Revenue Despite Slower Growth

Total-Revenue-Apple-App-Store-and-Google-Play-July-2013-DistimoGoogle Play has made up a lot of ground on the App Store over the past couple months in terms of downloads and revenue, but the latest mobile marketplace report shows that Apple is still king of the castle when it comes to revenue. According to app analytics firm Distimo, the App Store was still […]

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Check Your New MacBook Air! Apple Might Have Given You An Older, Slower SSD

If you havent already, stop reading this and check out Busters awesome review of the new MacBook Air. The machine isabsolutelygorgeous. And powerful, too. One of the MacBook Airs main draws is its lightning-fast solid-state hardrive. An SSD outperforms traditional hardrives because allstorageand data transfers happen virtually, instead of having to travel across a physical platter. Apparently, Apple is shipping some of these brand new MacBook Airs with the same SSDs  [Read More…]

iPad 2 on Verizon: Slower, But Cheaper

Click the image to open in full size. Verizon released data plan pricing for its version of the iPad 2, and AT&T announced a new plan giving users the option of being billed for their service rather than having to pre-pay. The two plans are roughly equivalent, though Verizon offers a discount for the heaviest data users. A recent study showing AT&T still with a dominant lead on download speeds, however, may give data  [Read More…]