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Watch iPhones die slowly in Droid Turbo 2 torture-porn ad

Maybe you know this sickening feeling: Your smartphone slips from your hand and starts its descent toward the ground. If you’re standing in an asphalt parking lot or walking down a city sidewalk — and you don’t have your phone protected in a life-preserving case — you know what happens next. Time seems to stand […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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‘Re(play)’ Showcases Grace, Movement, And Athleticism. Really Slowly.

This isn’t the most practical app for everyone, but it’s certainly interesting to look at. Re(play) features six clips of athletes being all athletic and stuff. High-speed cameras captured the footage at 236 frames per second, and you can either…Read more ›

Brando’s Lightning Battery Case For iPhone 5 Is Actually Shipping… Slowly

We’re still waiting for iPhone 5 Lightning-compatible battery cases, but at least we’re finally getting some product teasers and (vague) launch dates. The latest comes from everybody’s favorite crapware vendor Brando, and costs a mere $ 35. And it even closes up like a book.

The External Power Pack, as it is called, clocks in at an acceptable 2,200mAh. Since the iPhone 5’s battery is rated at 1,440mAh, you should get around a charge  [Read More…]

Apple Slowly Phasing Out Mac Purchase Rebates

Apple recently ended its $100 off a printer promotion when purchasing a Mac. The promotion usually runs yearly but no one is entirely sure why Apple decided to stop it. The company usually sells a few $100 printers in their retail stores and they advertise the promotion for Buy a Mac, get a free printer. Although Apple is putting a stop to the program, they will continue to sell printers in their retail and online  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Slowly Beginning to Let Go of the Reins at Apple

Steve Jobs has always been considered the heart and soul of Apple. Hes the man that has brought us Apples most successful products of the last decade, including the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Hes been the face of Apple for years, and hes seen as an industry innovator andpioneer. Since his third medical leave of absence inJanuaryof this year, Jobs has begun to slowly let go of the reins  [Read More…]