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The Cable Key is a seamless solution to all your power needs. This lightweight charger cable is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. The high-speed USB 2.0 connection ensures a quick charging session… Read more ›     

  YU2 by Kanto Category: media speakers Price: $ 229 Kanto’s YU2s seem to come from a time when speakers were solid, simple structures; proud temples to sound that said of their owners hey, I’m serious about music, and I know… Read more ›     

  The Mesh Card is a wallet so small and slim that it’ll fit inside a single card pocket in your own fat wallet. And it’s not just a place to keep cards and cash: it doubles as a neat… Read more ›     

small-world-2-1Days of Wonder‘s Small World was the first ever cardboard-and-plastic board game to jump the digital chasm and become an iPad board game; the game actually made its debut the same day the iPad went on sale, over three years ago. In the intervening years, Days of Wonder has neglected the digital version of Small […]

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Adobe-Reader-11Adobe may know how to make terrific software, but it also knows how to milk its users for every penny it can get. The latest example of that comes with a new Adobe Reader 11 update for iOS that adds some nifty PDF conversion features — which you’ll have to pay yearly to enjoy. With [...]

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tune-mob-1Here’s a problem: Let’s say you’re a diabolical dictator bent on world domination. You’ve decided to bypass the corporate mass media (which can’t be trusted) and inform the little people of your plans via podcast. You create one  — only you don’t have a method of broadcasting the podcast, since you insist on personally playing [...]

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bannerIf you run a small business, then you know how cumbersome it can be to keep track of tasks, invoices, sales, and estimates. A new iPad app called Exigo is here to help you out, and it promises to keep you organized. The app is broken down into five sections: sales, estimates, tasks, bills, and [...]

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KPJnMTI3c9jKDOCW_8Su8jr3qxhwwKp9cFeq-HT-_3gWBqoMHmWQCRaZzLVDVlw9CTWAryOHg5zCKZ0m2deVrgJiwVbegcWEc0pTo4IvZ-qdZBCd4N9zrxAzADKJUT8U8.jpegToday is the day Strobists have been longing for. Why? It’s the official launch day for the LumoPro LP180 flash, an amazingly capable little (or not-so-little) flashgun which costs way less than the equivalents from the likes of Canon and Nikon. The LP180 (review to be published Wednesday) is a “quad-sync†flash, which means it [...]

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The new Mac Pro is tiny. How tiny? It’s only slightly bigger than a roll of paper towels. And yet inside it is the power to render, I dunno, a jillion 3D models of them.

Via: Reddit

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Pentax’s new Q7 has been styled to look like it was put together by somebody in shop class when told to “make a camera” out of whatever wooden offcuts were laying around the place. It can even be had in 120 different color combos, presumably all hideous.

But the Q7 does add one thing that’s worth noting: A bigger sensor. And judging by how the lenses now match that sensor in terms of  [Read More...]