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The Top 12 Black Friday Ads (So Far): Amazing TVs, Smartphones, iPads, and More

Black Friday is inching closer, but we’ve got plenty of ads to whet our appetite for savings in the meantime. We’ve done our initial inspection, and we’re ready to present our first look at the best Black Friday ads. Here you’ll find all our favorite ads in one convenient place, from crazy cheap TVs to […]

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Pope says nope to smartphones at dinner

We know Pope Francis is a fan of technology. He is on Twitter with 8 million followers and when in public, the guy never turns down a selfie request. But His Holiness wants us all to put away our smartphones when seated at the dinner table. Francis did not stutter on this point during his […]

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Pope’s arrival in America greeted by a sea of smartphones

Pope Francis landed on U.S. soil for the first time last week on Tuesday, September 22. He has talked to victims of sexual abuse, spoke out about his views on immigration and gave several moving speeches across the country. However, the pope was also able to impact American culture in a way that is completely […]

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Asus and Samsung, not Apple, have the fastest charging smartphones

What’s the fastest charging smartphone? It’s not an iPhone. If you care about how fast your phone goes from 0% to full charge, you should buy an Asus Zenfone 2 or Samsung Galaxy S6. Here’s why. The guys (guydes?) over at Tom’s Guide recently conducted a survey of the fastest charging smartphones. All smartphones have […][Read More…]

Xiaomi exec says all smartphones look like the iPhone

Xiaomi executive Hugo Barra doesn’t put much stock in what he calls the “copycat melodrama” surrounding the company’s products, which bear more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s hardware. Barra gave his thoughts on the matter to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang.…Read more ›

Smartphones blow away traditional handheld gaming devices

Mobile games — especially those with a multiplayer component — are making more money than traditional handheld games, says a new report by mobile analytics agency, App Annie. The company partnered with the International Data Corporation to show the growth…Read more ›

A quarter of all smartphones sold in China are iPhones

One out of every four smartphones sold in urban China was an iPhone during the three months ending January 2015, according to sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. The impressive stats only serve to underline what we’ve been pointing out for upwards…Read more ›

50% of U.S. smartphones activated last quarter were iPhones

Apple enjoyed historic sales this holiday season, and while the company won’t reveal its official earnings until January 27th, based on the latest smartphone activation report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple dominated the holiday shopping season and accounted for…Read more ›

The best smartphones money could buy in 2014

Smartphone innovation may have stalled in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers from updating and improving upon their best devices. This year, we’ve seen big changes to devices like the iPhone, the Galaxy Note, and the LG G — as well…Read more ›

Ex Apple CEO launches five new smartphones in the Middle East

Former Apple CEO John Sculley has launched a new lineup of budget smartphones in the Middle East — although he admits Steve Jobs would like not be enamoured with them. “Steve being Steve would say, you can do alot better,”…Read more ›