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Window Snapping on Mac: How to Use It

Mac users now have a window snapping feature built directly into Mac OS, which allows users to easily snap windows to aspects of the screen or against one another. This offers a nice way to quickly and precisely align windows, and it’s more or less the Mac equivalent feature of window snapping from the Microsoft … Read More

iPhone 6s camera could use Sony tech for improved low-light snapping

Rumors that the iPhone 6s will be getting a vastly improved camera are picking up steam. According to a new report coming out of China, the next-generation Apple handset will boast a 12MP camera with a special Sony sensor to…Read more ›

MirrorCase For Stealthy iPhone Photo Snapping

What could be less creepy than secretly snapping close-up pictures of people without their knowledge? Nothing, that’s what. Well, not unless you do it whilst dressed as a clown I guess.

The MirrorCase is a hefty box that hangs off the back of your iPhone and uses an optical-grade mirror to let you shoot pictures at right angles to the screen.

The result is a little like using a reflex camera without the  [Read More…]

iPhone Monopod For Snapping In Hard-To-Reach Places

Log and strong.

IStabilizer’s Monopod is just that – a monopod. Only instead of being optimized to work as a disabled tripod, a camera stand with one leg instead of three, it is made to be used with lightweight cameras like the iPhone to snap pictures from more than arms’ length.

Pop on your iPhone, using the standard tripod mount, and extend the ‘pod from 14 inches to three feet. Then  [Read More…]