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Google Photos now smartly sorts your snaps automatically

Taking lots of photos when you’re doing some fun is great, but sorting them when you go home is not. But now you don’t have to. Use Google Photos and it takes care of organization for you, with smart albums that are made up of your best images from every event. “Starting today, after an event […]

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Photo app lets you send the party snaps when you’re sober

There is a growing category of apps that fall under the heading, Apps to save us from ourselves. There are messaging apps that delay the sending of text messages and apps and hardware that measure the amount of alcohol on your breath. Flashgap enters this category – probably in time for some – to stop […]

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Apple snaps up company to improve its Maps

A new acquisition from Apple suggests that the iPhone maker might be getting into the map-making business. The company paid as much as $ 30 million for a 12-person San Francisco startup that specializes in parsing location data into visualizations, according to reports. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do […]

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These award-winning iPhone photos put your snaps to shame

Thanks to its constant improvements and the fact that we carry it around virtually everywhere we go, the iPhone has become our de facto camera over the past few years. But while most of us use our iOS devices for…Read more ›

Verizon snaps up AOL for a cool $4.4 billion

Mobile giant Verizon has announced that it will acquire the former media kingpin AOL in an all-cash deal worth $ 4.4 billion. Although AOL is virtually an afterthought these days, Verizon has said that it will use the deal to help…Read more ›

Apple snaps up music analytics startup as part of possible Beats revamp

Although we’ve heard vague reports about it, all’s been quiet on the Cupertino front about Apple’s plans to relaunch its Beats Music streaming service later this year — possibly as early as February. Today another piece of the puzzle may…Read more ›

India snaps up its iPhone 6 supplies in just 72 hours

After China, India represents Apple’s next big frontier, with 1.2 billion citizens and a rapidly growing smartphone market, that will have sold approximately 80 million handsets this year. Which is why it’s great news that the iPhone 6 and 6…Read more ›

Google snaps up streaming music service to hit back at Apple

The entire country is busy watching America’s rebels take on the Belgium Red Devils at World Cup, but while everyone else is focused on the football pitch, Google is busy readying its plans to take on Beats Music with a…Read more ›

Halftone 2 turns your family snaps into a comic book movie

“Meanwhile, back in the dungeons beneath Cult of Mac headquarters, an Apple-loving blogger tested out a new app…” If you’re a fan of comic books (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?) the idea of transforming your personal photo gallery into…Read more ›

iOS 8 Photo app lets you hide your saucy snaps

How many times have you allowed a friend to use your iPhone and then experienced that sudden sinking feeling when you realize they might stumble across “personal” snaps in the Photos app? Well, with iOS 8, that’s something you won’t…Read more ›