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Jetpack duo soars over Dubai in astonishing 4K video

They promised us all jetpacks — these guys got them and took them to one of the world’s most remarkable locales. And you get to ride along if you dare. The latest eye-popping (and possibly stomach-churning) video from Yves Rossy…Read more ›

Free-To-Play Battle Dragons Soars Over To The App Store

screen7After releasing on Android this past July, Battle Dragons from Spacetime Games has been doing pretty well, but interested iOS gamers have been out of luck. Today that changes, as the free-to-play build and battle game comes to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the App store. It does look quite a bit like Clash […]

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Apple Stock Soars To All-Time High Today At $427.75 Per Share

Good news for Apple shareholders: stock reached an all-time high during mid-day trading today, peaking at $ 427.75 per share. The last record was set in October of 2011 at $ 426.70 per share. Despite some slightly tumultuous times on Wall Street after Apple failed to meet analyst expectations with its fourth-quarter earnings report, Apple stock has continued to climb to new heights year after year. The  [Read More…]

Holy Cow! Apple Stock Soars Over $410 A Share

Wow. As of writing, Apple is hovering above $ 410 a share, with a market share $ 25 billion ahead of Exxon Mobil, the world’s second most valuable company. This all without Steve at the helm. How high will it go?