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Auto-pausing Netflix socks make a great gift (if you have the skills)

So there you are, watching Netflix, binging on some TV series that everyone’s talking about when you suddenly fall asleep. What happens? Netflix keeps playing, running through a few more episodes while you catch some Zs. Imagine, though, having a garment–socks, for example–that can automatically detect when you fall asleep and pause that Netflix stream […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Sensor-laden smart socks will turn you into a better runner

LAS VEGAS — Tons of wearables at International CES promise to help you get better at everything from brushing your teeth to perfecting your golf swing, but the last place we expected someone to toss a sensor was into our…Read more ›

Lust List: Lock, socks and totally smokin’ gear

These sandals are so cool, they even look good with socks

I have a confession to make: I wear socks with sandals. That’s not so bad in itself — I live in Germany, where otherwise-rational men wear socks, sandals and fanny packs all at the same time, and women still talk…Read more ›

Access US Only Websites from Outside the USA with a SOCKS Proxy & SSH Tunnel

Setup and use a SOCKS Proxy in Mac OS X A wide variety of websites and online services are region restricted to the USA: Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, annual credit reports, some banks, the list is significant. Region restrictions are generally something you dont notice until you need to access a website from outside the USA, and then theyre a huge pain. Well show you how to get around region restrictions securely  [Read More…]

Analysts Think The iPhone 5 Is Going To Be A Huge Update, Blow Our Socks Off

If the upcoming next-gen iPhone likely wont get 4G LTE, what will keep consumers interest? Turns out the iPhone 5 (or whatever the handset is eventually named) is going to be a bigger upgrade than expected.   Key to that surprise is a larger display but even thinner profile from the iPhone 4, suppliers are telling Wall Street analysts. It turns out that we are picking up that this interim iPhone  [Read More…]