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Whether you’re transcribing an interview, replying to emails, or writing the next Great American Novel, it’ll go a lot faster with Dragon Dictate speech recognition software for Mac. Not only can you use Dragon Dictate to transcribe audio (even from… Read more ›

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How Google measures up to Apple in all things software

At its I/O conference last week, Google laid out the roadmaps for its most important platforms. It has already made its way into your pocket, but over the next few years, the search giant hopes to find a place on… Read more ›

Pebble Time, the new smartwatch from the Kickstarter superstar, might be headed to wrists soon, but if you own an iPhone, you might be out of luck. According to an email sent out to Time backers on Kickstarter, the iOS… Read more ›

Dueling developer events Google I/O and Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will happen in the next couple of months, which makes this an exciting time of year for Apple and Android fans. Both events attract a lot of attention — they’re… Read more ›

Software problems push back HomeKit launch to fall

Apple announced its HomeKit platform at last year’s WWDC, but fans hoping to get a closer glimpse of Apple’s home automation platform will have to keep on waiting, as a new report claims Apple is delaying the launch of HomeKit… Read more ›

Master all of Apple’s major programming software, from Swift to WatchKit, with lifetime access to a full-spectrum of iOS training with new classes added monthly. This subscription has you covered with courses on everything iOS, and keeps you covered as… Read more ›

Mac Setup: The Dual-Screen Desk of a Software Engineer

It’s time for another featured Mac setup! This time around we’re sharing the dual-screen desk workstation of developer Carlos P., let’s dive right in to learn more about the hardware and what iOS and OS X apps are put to use: What do you use your Apple gear for? I’m a software engineer so I … Read More

People who work in creative industries know that the best media creation software titles are made by Adobe. That is because Adobe software titles offer features that allow professionals to do their best work. Whether it’s getting pictures just right… Read more ›

My mission to build a powerful gaming Hackintosh for $ 650 — $ 50 less than Apple’s midrange Mac mini — is almost complete. In Part 1 of this guide, I covered the components I purchased for my build and recommended extras… Read more ›