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SoHo Apple Store Reopening May Provide Clues to Bigger Retail Revamp

On Thursday, Apple confirmed the grand reopening of its SoHo store in Lower Manhattan scheduled for this Saturday, July 14th. At 10 a.m., when the doors open once again, customers will notice something different – an expanded Genius Bar, more plentiful seating, and more Apple products on display. “The Apple Store, SoHo, is completely redesigned and better than ever,” Apple said today. “There are more than twice as many products available for you to try.”  [Read More…]

Ranting, Pot-Smoking Lunatic Goes On Nude Rampage At SoHo Apple Store [Humor]

Despite being decked out with new Macs, iOS devices, and accessories, customers visiting Apple’s SoHo store in New York City yesterday had better things to look at than the gadgetry. During a Q&A with White Collar star Matt Bomer, one crazy lady who had quite clearly been riding the magic jaybone decided it was a good time to rip off her shirt and begin screaming gibberish.   Mr. Bomer had  [Read More…]

Apple’s “Temporary” Store in SoHo Looks Better Than Most Retail Spaces [Photos]

Apple has closed its original store in New York City to perform some renovations. The SoHo store on Prince Street is closed for a limited time, and Apple has opened a temporary store on Greene Street. Described as “raw and “rustic,” Apple’s temporary SoHo store is bustling with activity and features all of the aspects that customers would expect from an Apple Store. Apple sure knows how  [Read More…]