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Solar-powered iPhones would be a sunny proposition for Apple

Whether you’re talking about an iPhone or a MacBook, extending battery life is one of the biggest challenges faced by both engineers and users. According to a new patent application published today, one of the ways Apple is looking to…Read more ›

Potty humor adds levity to historic solar-powered flight

Sometime this month, a plane will lift off from an airstrip in the United Arab Emirate and attempt to fly around the world fueled by the rays of the sun. How technology will keep the plane airborne or how two…Read more ›

Boston parks will soon let you charge your iPhone from solar-powered benches

The park: a place to jog, soak up the sun, and… charge your iPhone? From next week visitors at select parks in the Boston area will be able to charge their mobile devices at special solar-powered benches, dubbed “Soofas.” “Soofa…Read more ›

Eton’s Solar-Powered Rukus Speakers Now Bigger, Badder And More Efficient [CES 2014]

  LAS VEGAS — Eton has improved the wedge-shaped, solar-powered Rukus Bluetooth speaker it introduced just over six months ago, and are now calling it the Rukus II; they’ve also built a second, bigger, badder (and more expensive) version they’ve…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Photojojo’s Pocket Reflector Is Like A Solar-Powered Flash

If you never used a reflector to help out the lighting in your photos, you’ll probably be pretty surprised at just how big a difference they can make. A reflector can kick back light into the shadows of your subject, taking a standard boring portrait and turning it into something that looks way way better, […]

The post Photojojo’s Pocket Reflector Is Like A Solar-Powered Flash appeared first on Cult of  [Read More…]

Sound for Disasters: Eton’s Tough New Rukus Bluetooth Speaker is Solar-Powered, Splashproof


Today Eton added the Rugged Rukus to their Rukus line of Bluetooth speakers. Like most of its Rukus siblings, the Rugged is solar-powered; unlike its siblings, the Rugged is splashproof. A great addition  for our all-hell-has-broken-loose list.

The Rugged Rukus carries a waterproof rating of IPX4, which means it’s pretty much immune to splashes (just don’t drop it in the bathtub or hose it down); it’s also tough enough to survive  [Read More…]

Apple’s New Solar-Powered Spaceship Campus Could Juice A Million Apple TVs

This morning we reported that Apple had provided some more details to the Cupertino City Council about their proposed plans to build a new “spaceship” campus, including a render that showed a roof entirely tiled in solar panels. How much power would that generate, though? Enough to power a million Apple TVs.   9to5Mac did some math, and the results are very cool: From today’s plans, we can estimate the  [Read More…]