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Even Professional Analysts Aren’t Sure How Many iPads Apple Sold Last Quarter

As a publicly traded company, Apple submits its financial reports every quarter to let their investors know how well the company is doing. However, Apple is under no obligation to share specific financial results about each of the individual products it sells, data that it is still trying to protect via the court in the Apple v Samsung case in Northern California.

However, rabid interest in the specifics continues unabated. In  [Read More…]

Apparently The iPhone 5 Has A Laser Keyboard And Projects Holographic Images No Wonder It Sold Out So Fast [Humor]

No other news agency consistently fails as much as Fox News. Take for instance this Fox 5 reporter in NY who decided to head down to the 5th Avenue Apple Store to interview a few of the crazies already lining up for the “most amazing, best Apple product ever.” I was shaking my head until the reporter started listing off some of the new features of the iPhone 5 and let  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sold Out in an Hour

iPhone 5 preorders sold out ship in 2 weeks

If you didn’t stay up until midnight (or 3AM for those on the east coast) and pre-order right away, you already missed the opportunity to get an iPhone 5 shipped to you on launch day through Apple. In an impressive display of demand, the iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out in an hour, and by 1AM PST the shipping window was moved back 2  [Read More…]

The Chinese Teen Who Sold His Kidney For An iPad Might Soon See Justice

Remember that Chinesee teen last year who sold his kidney for an iPad 2? He wasn’t the only one: earlier this year, another Chinese teen named Wang swapped his kidney for an iPhone and iPad. Now the butchers who operated on him are in court, awaiting their verdicts.

The Chinese student, known as Wang, made news earlier this year for selling a kidney in exchange for roughtly $ 3,500, which  [Read More…]

Apple Sold 1.3M Apple TVs Last Quarter, Still A Hobby

Apple CEO TIm Cook announced some interesting numbers during today’s Q3 earnings call. Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV, sold a surprising 1.3M units just last quarter, totaling 4M so far this fiscal year.

With all this growth, Apple is still calling the Apple TV a hobby, although Tim Cook hinted at future plans, saying that Apple will “continue to pull the string and see where it takes them.”

Apple has stuck  [Read More…]

iDevices Popular in Iran, Where They Aren’t Legally Sold

Just how popular are iPhones and iPads? They’re even big sellers in places where they aren’t legally sold. According to a new report published Friday, more than one hundred retail outlets in the nation of Iran – where strict U.S. sanctions prohibit U.S. computer products from entering the country – now sell iPhones, iPads, iPods, and even Apple computers out in the open. In fact, many of these stores blatantly and gratuitously advertise the availability  [Read More…]

Apple Sold 156 Million iOS Devices in 2011, More Than All Macs Sold in 28 Years

Cumulative Apple Sales: Mac vs iPhone vs iPad vs iPod touch vs Apple II Growth of iOS, the mobile operating system that powers iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, and Apple TV, is exploding. To put iOSs success into some context, Asymco crafted the above chart to demonstrate the growth curve relative to years of Apple products on the market. The most staggering observation? Apple sold 156 million iOS devices last year alone,  [Read More…]

Apple Banks 75% of Mobile Phone Profits With 9% of Units Sold

Apple seems to have reached new heights in unit sales and revenues but its devices seem to have won over 75% of the mobile phone profits with just 9% of units sold in the market. Despite its relatively low share of al units, Apple still managed to take in the most revenues and earns by far.Asymcowriter Horace Dediu, who is a former Nokia analyst, graphically depicted this for everyone to see: Dediu previously presented how  [Read More…]

There Are More iPhones Sold Every Day Than Babies Born

Heres another perspective on todays numbers that should knock your socks off: Apples iPhone sales surpass the worlds birth rate. Not only has Apple become the top smartphone manufacturer in the world, but there are now more iPhones sold than babies born each day. The iPhone sold37.04 million units during the first fiscal quarter of 2012. Since one quarter is exactly 98 days, that equals377,900 iPhone sold per day.  [Read More…]

350,000 Textbooks Sold Through iBooks Already

Apples attempt at changing the high school and college textbook landscape is gaining steam already with 350,000 textbooks downloaded in the past three days through iBooks. Global Equities Research (GER) came up with the 350,000 textbooks sold using the companies proprietary tracking software as Apple tends not to release sales figures outside of official announcements and earnings reports. GER claims 90,000 users downloaded Apples iBook Author textbook creation tool during the same period. While the  [Read More…]