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It’s not likely that anyone consistently takes pictures that look like one of the supervillains’ hideouts in the old Batman TV show, but even a slight tilt can make a photo look strange. Orient is an app that will eliminate… Read more ›     

Many apps these days are location aware and are able to refresh themselves in the background. It’s how apps like Facebook can refresh that little red icon badge on your home screen without you having to launch the app. All… Read more ›     

  Google bought a tiny Israeli startup today called SlickLogin. The three-person, two-month-old company has an interesting technology that replaces passwords. The terms were not disclosed. The acquisition is a tiny victory for people who believe in sound as a… Read more ›     

Bed Bug Proof — Utilities — Free America is seeing a resurgence in bed-bug infestations, and here’s an app to help you screen a room and identify the little biters before they introduce themselves. To be perfectly clear, Bed Bug… Read more ›     

Slip — Utilities — Free Slip knows that exchanging business cards can be annoying. You have to find your cards and then take theirs and then maybe jam it into the back of the thing where you keep your cards,… Read more ›     

I’ve let friends borrow my Macbook when they come over to my place from time to time, and I’m still surprised by the way they don’t “get” the trackpad. Some of them look for the button to click, some want… Read more ›     

We all aspire to be more than we are, to mold ourselves into our own perfect forms and escape the limits thrust upon us by circumstance or luck. But we can’t always do it on our own. Sometimes, we need… Read more ›     

I grew up in the 80s, so I know how close we came to total nuclear annihilation when the WOPR computer became self-aware, as we saw in the 1983 documentary WarGames. The only thing that saved us back then was… Read more ›     

Folks love to complain about Apple, but I figure that a lot of that bitching is down to the inadequacies of the bitchers themselves: It’s easier to just whine about something than to strive for greatness yourself. Which is to… Read more ›     

The Nike Fuelband SE was announced earlier this month, with some impressive new features. But existing Fuelband owners won’t be left totally out of the lurch; when Nike drops the Fuelband SE on consumers next week, they’ll also roll-out some…

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