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Someone Wanted To Win The Tim Cook Charity Auction So Badly, He Stole A Credit Card To Do It

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.30.11 AM

That historic “grab a cuppa joe with Tim Cook” auction, which still has a couple of weeks to go and has already broken records, has had a little bit of a set back: credit card fraud that has set the auction back by thousands of dollars.

Right now, the current high bid for an hour long cup of coffee and chat with Apple CEO Tim  [Read More…]

How To See When Someone Is Sending You An iMessage In The iPhone’s Status Bar [Jailbreak]

Aah, the iMessage ellipsis.

Aah, the iMessage ellipsis.

After texting on the iPhone for awhile, you get used to seeing the “…” bubble mid-conversation. Whenever someone with iMessage is typing to you, the ellipsis bubble appears in that thread of the Message app. It helps you know that whoever you’re talking to is about to respond, and it also gives people away when they choose to start an iMessage and then stop.

What  [Read More…]

Apple Wants Someone To Help Make Siri More Witty And Conversational


Siri is already pretty smart, but Apple wants to take her to the next level. An Apple job listing out of Cupertino calls for a “uniquely creative individual to help us evolve and enrich Siri, our virtual personal assistant.”

“Siri’s known for ‘her’ wit, cultural knowledge, and zeal to explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways,” says Apple. “The ideal candidate is someone who combines a love for language, wordplay, and conversation  [Read More…]

Australian Police Warn Apple’s iOS 6 Maps Inaccuracies Could Get Someone Killed

Motorists looking for Mildura are getting lost in Murray Sunset National Park.

The countless problems users have faced with Apple’s new Maps service have been widely documented since the software made its debut with iOS 6 back in September. The large majority of users — particularly those outside of the United States — have found it to be unreliable, inaccurate, and largely useless.

Now Australian police have warned that using the service  [Read More…]

How to Easily Tell If Someone Opened Your Files on a Mac

Determine if someone used your Mac and opened files

If you suspect someone is using your Mac while you’re away and getting into personal documents and files, the easiest way to quickly find out is by looking at the Recent Items list:

Pull down the  Apple menu and go to “Recent Items” Look for apps, servers, and documents you didn’t open

Now you’re probably thinking, how do I know what I  [Read More…]

Someone Might Make $126K For Auctioning This Broken Apple I

Should an Apple I still be worth $ 126k if it doesn’t work?

The Apple I was the first computer built by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs back in 1976. They only made 200 units, and sold them for $ 666.66, but if you happen to own one, you’re sitting on a small fortune.

An Apple I computer is set to be auctioned off at Christie’s on October 9th, and even though  [Read More…]

If You Need An iPhone Case That Can Stun Someone, Check This Out

How often do you need to stun people with an iPhone case? Probably never. But the concept of creating a smartphone case that can double as a stun gun is pretty cool; dangerous, but cool. Introducing the Yellow Jacket stun gun case. The iPhone case can stream electricity from two electrodes at the top of the case. How much? 650,000 volts, to be exact. A case like this should obviously never be in the reach of children; irresponsible  [Read More…]

How to Tell If Someone Was Using Your Mac

Find the last wake time Although everyone should always password protect a Mac to prevent unauthorized use, not everyone does. Sometimes people share general logins, be it with a roommate, sibling, spouse or whoever else. Now, if you have ever wondered if someone was using your computer while you were away, theres actually a pretty easy method to find out in Mac OS X. Find Out If Someone Was Using Your  [Read More…]

We Really Wish Someone Would Import This Beautifully Designed Vietnamese Steve Jobs Calendar [Gallery]

A Vietnamese book publisher has just published a touching, beautifully designed 2012 memorial calendar to the life of Steve Jobs, filled with the most iconic Steve shots of the last thirty years and aspirational quotes from the fiery, passionate Apple founder himself on the way to live life.   The 2012 calendar is called Be Hungry, Be Foolish and features 14 photographs commemorating the most important moments in the life of  [Read More…]

Apple Finally Sued By Someone Over iCloud

It happens every time Apple announces a new service, or product without fail. A company, already holding or using the name of a newly announced service by Apple, sues the big piece of fruit for copyright or trademark infringement. Apple then uses its mountain of money to make the complaints of the small company go away. Well itfinally happened with iCoud. A company called iCloud Communications is suing Apple. Here’s an excerpt from the suit:  [Read More…]