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So long as we live in a world where WhatsApp can be bought for $ 19 billion and even an ultra-simple novelty app like Yo manages to scrape together $ 1 million in venture funding, people are going to go right on… Read more ›

Are you running short of inspiration when it comes to new music to listen to? Whyd may be able to help. The popular music bookmarking tool has just made the leap from desktop to mobile, with the launch of its… Read more ›

Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress and telepath who can read your every thought. This hasn’t made her feel welcome in the tiny Southern town full of bigots and racists where she lives. Worse yet, she’s fallen for a vampire, Bill… Read more ›

This hilarious song packs in all the events of WWDC

If you don’t have time to watch the whole WWDC keynote address or peruse our great live coverage of the event have no fear: a catchy song by musician Jonathan Mann has you covered! In just 3 minutes 24 seconds,… Read more ›

Want to ask Siri what song is playing and get a definitive answer? In iOS 8 you might be able to, according to a new report. Apple will reportedly partner with Shazam for a song-recognition feature in the next version… Read more ›

Wow, is this app fantastic. Even if you’ve never written a lyric or performed music, you’ll be able to create and share a professional-sounding song recording with new music app, Tunedra. As a musician, I’m simply stunned by the ability… Read more ›     

The second season of The Walking Dead: The Game is well underway, with the launch of Episode 2, “A House Divided” on the 4th of this month. It’s ready for download as an in-app purchase on the Mac version of… Read more ›     

If you’ve used iTunes for a while now, you know how to set the Equalizer to a variety of pre-set and custom settings to make your music sound the way you want it, right? You simply head up to the… Read more ›     

Get Song Lyrics with Siri from the iPhone or iPad

Siri Everyones favorite digital friend Siri can improve your music experience and song recollection by retrieving song lyrics for you. Whether you’re aiming for some spontaneous iPhone based Karaoke, looking to settle a dispute over what an artist is saying, wanting to add some lyrics to a song that is missing them, or just wondering what the lyrics to a given song are, Siri doesn’t care, anything goes.

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To ease the minds of millions of Americans worried about their health insurance, Obama held a press conference today and admitted that his administration fumbled the launch of Healthcare.gov. Continuing his speech with optimism, Obama then turned to his favorite…

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The post Obama: Buying Health Insurance Will Never Be As Easy As Buying A Song On iTunes appeared first on Cult of Mac.

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