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If you’ve used iTunes for a while now, you know how to set the Equalizer to a variety of pre-set and custom settings to make your music sound the way you want it, right? You simply head up to the… Read more ›     

Get Song Lyrics with Siri from the iPhone or iPad

Siri Everyones favorite digital friend Siri can improve your music experience and song recollection by retrieving song lyrics for you. Whether you’re aiming for some spontaneous iPhone based Karaoke, looking to settle a dispute over what an artist is saying, wanting to add some lyrics to a song that is missing them, or just wondering what the lyrics to a given song are, Siri doesn’t care, anything goes.

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To ease the minds of millions of Americans worried about their health insurance, Obama held a press conference today and admitted that his administration fumbled the launch of Healthcare.gov. Continuing his speech with optimism, Obama then turned to his favorite…

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Show iTunes Song Change Notifications in OS X

iTunes 11.1 brought with it support for iOS 7 and the excellent iTunes Radio feature, but another small feature lets you see song changes in the OS X Notification Center. Though it’s a fairly minor feature, there have been a variety of third party tweaks and apps to provide similar services over the years, making it pretty nice to have this natively.

iTunes song notifications

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photo 1Every once in a while, I’m listening to a song via the Music app on my iPhone, or (lately) listening to iTunes Radio on my iPad through a bluetooth speaker in the house, when I want to quickly figure out what’s playing, or maybe mess with the controls, skip a song, or something like that. […]

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Rdio has released an update to its iOS app that brings a feature called “Song Stations.” Like Apple’s recently announced iTunes Radio, you can now create a streaming radio station based on an individual song in the Rdio app. You get unlimited skips, but no ability to vote or down-vote a track to refine the station.

Song Stations are created by tapping and holding on any song in Rdio. Another nice addition  [Read More...]

Like Spotify, Rdio offers unlimited music streaming for a monthly subscription fee. Today Rdio unveiled a completely redesigned iOS app in the App Store, and it’s available now as a free download for subscribers.

Clean and simple design has always been a plus for Rdio, and the new iPhone and iPad apps reflect that design taste.

Version 2.0 of Rdio is nothing short of a complete visual overhaul, and it looks fantastic.  [Read More...]

New iPod commercial "Bounce"

Apple has started to air a new iPod ad that encompasses the entire lineup, ranging from the new iPod touch to the new iPod Nano and even Shuffle. The commercial emphasizes the range of colors offered for each new iPod, with the devices bouncing around on screen to a loud catchy song playing in the background. The song featured in the iPod commercial is “Yeah Yeah” by artist Willy  [Read More...]

Song as alarm sound on iPhone

If you’re tired of the existing alarm clock sounds and ringtones, you can now select individual songs to be the alarm clock sound played by iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Open “Clock” app and tap on “Alarm” Either hit the + button to add a new alarm, or tap “Edit” and pick an existing one Tap “Sound” and scroll to the  [Read More...]

DJing on the iPad just got real. Or something. I’m not really sure if that’s how disc jockeys speak. What I do know is that Algoriddim’s Djay 1.6 adds some major new features thanks to iOS 6. What kind of features? Oh, you know… Just things like full dual stereo outputs for monitoring and playing different songs at the same time.

It’s called “multi-route audio”, and if you have a USB or HDMI audio output, you  [Read More...]