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Apple Giving Away Holiday Playlist With 8 Songs In Apple Store App

To get you in the mood for the holidays, Apple is giving away an 8-song playlist in the Apple Store iOS app. Free iTunes content has been offered in the Apple Store app for a few months now, and this…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Use “Show All Music” to Toggle iCloud Songs Showing in Music App for iOS

Music bought from iTunes and stored in iCloud are part of the iTunes Match service, which basically lets you store all your songs and music in iCloud, and can then be streamed and downloaded to your iOS devices. By default, those songs are shown in the iOS app Music playlist with a little cloud icon next to them.

iCloud songs showing up in Music app on iOS

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Stop iTunes Radio from Filtering Explicit Songs & Lyrics

iTunes Radio If you’ve been listening to iTunes Radio and noticed there’s a strong preference to clean songs versus the original versions that may contain some stronger language, you’re not going crazy, it’s actually the default settings choice for iTunes Radio. Listeners of certain genres will probably never notice the difference, but a surprisingly large amount of pop, classic rock, alternative, hard rock, hip hop, and rap is impacted by the  [Read More…]

Spotify Connect Is A New Way To Stream 20 Million Songs Around Your Home

spotify_connect1Spotify today announced Spotify Connect, a new wireless streaming service akin to Apple’s AirPlay that will allow you to seamlessly stream its 20 million tracks to compatible smartphones, tablets, and speakers around your home. The feature will be built into upcoming speakers and home audio systems from Bang & Olufsen, Philips, Pioneer, and more. With […]

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You Can Scrub Songs In iOS 7 Straight From The Lockscreen [Image]

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 2.46.16 PM

This is another small but great feature in iOS 7: you can now scrub through songs from the lockscreen if you are playing them through the official Music app. This doesn’t work with third-party music apps, like Rdio, and in practice in the first beta, it can be a little difficult to scrub (the touch target is too small). Still a very nice addition indeed.

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Apple Releases iTunes 11.0.3 With New MiniPlayer, Improved Songs View, And Multi-Disc Albums


Apple just released a new version of iTunes that comes with a couple of unexpected new features. The 11.0.3 update includes a new MiniPlayer, an improved songs view, and finally support for multi-disc albums along with some bug fixes.


New view for MiniPlayer from iTunes 11.0.3 update

The update for the MiniPlayer is by-far the biggest new feature. There’s a new MiniPlayer view  [Read More…]

Get a New iTunes MiniPlayer & Show Album Artwork with Songs in iTunes 11.0.3

Apple introduced an update to iTunes versioned as 11.0.3 which adds a few user interface refinements and some minor features. The update can be downloaded from the  Apple menu by selecting “Software Update”, or by going directly to the App Store or iTunes to update. The two most notable changes are cosmetic in nature, and include a revised MiniPlayer and the addition of artwork to the songs view, here is how to access these additions:

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No, You Can’t Sell Your “Used” iTunes Songs Online


If you ever had hopes of cashing in your iTunes library to make ends meet, think again: a federal judge has declared reselling your MP3s online, saying the first sale doctrine is not applicable.

The ruling was handed down from a federal court in New York on Saturday, where the case of Capitol Records v. ReDigi was being heard.

ReDigi was a Boston-based startup that allowed you to “resell”  [Read More…]

How to Equalize Specific Genres, Songs, & Albums in iTunes

Unless an entire music library consists of only a single genre of music, it’s fairly rare to have find one equalizer setting for your iTunes collection to rule every single song or album. Sure there are some pretty good general settings, and the preset options are great too, but for the best experience with diverse playlists and music collections, consider setting individual equalizer settings for specific albums, artists, genres, or even songs on a per-song basis.

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iTunes Library Locations & How To Quickly Find iTunes Songs on a Computer

iTunes icon Assuming you keep iTunes on the default setting and let the app manage your music files and songs, iTunes will store all of your media nicely in the Music directory of your home folder, with each song kept in a folder according to the album and album artist. Though you’ll usually never need to directly access those files directly, if you’re looking to move your iTunes library to another  [Read More…]