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iTunes Store Hits New Landmark As It Surpasses 25 Billion Songs Sold


Apple has today announced that its iTunes Store has set yet another record as it surpasses more than 25 billion songs sold. The 25 billionth song to be downloaded was “Monkey Drums” by Chase Buch, and it was purchased by Philip Püpke from Germany, who will receive a €10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple.

“We are grateful to our users whose passion for music over the past 10 years has made  [Read More…]

This Is How Many Apps, Songs, Videos, Photos & Games You Can Fit On A 128GB iPad

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 12.33.43 PM

It’s not too bad at video either: 85 SD Videos and 32 HD Videos.

When it’s released, the new 128GB will be the highest capacity yet, but what does it mean in practical terms? How many games, apps, photos, songs, and videos will the new 128GB iPad store?

We did the math. Here’s what you can fit on your new 128GB iPad.

Here’s a table breaking  [Read More…]

HypedMusic Lets You Stream Millions Of Songs To Your iPhone For Free


HypedMusic is a brand new app for the iPhone that promises to provide you with access to millions of tracks for free. Just like Spotify or Rdio, music is streamed to your device over the Internet, but there is no subscription fee — and no fee upfront for the app itself. It also offers support for online playlists, social integration, and more.

HypedMusic, at first glance, doesn’t quite seem right —  [Read More…]

Fixing Grey Songs & Unplayable Albums in Music App on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Greyed songs in Music app on iPhone

Have you ever gotten a new album or podcast, synced it over to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, then when you went to play the songs you discovered they were grayed out in the Music app? The album is there, the song title is there, but because the song is grey you can tap it all you want and nothing happens, the music  [Read More…]

Show Duplicate Songs with iTunes 11

The ability to quickly find duplicate items in iTunes libraries is back in the latest version of iTunes 11 for both Mac OS X and Windows. First things first, you’ll need to update to iTunes 11.0.1 before attempting to use the feature again. Update to the newest version either through iTunes itself, or through Software Update or the Mac App Store.

Once you’re on the latest version of iTunes (11.0.1):

Pull down the “View” menu to find “Show Duplicate  [Read More…]

Add & Edit Lyrics of Songs in iTunes and View Them in the iOS Music App

Did you know you can add or edit the lyrics of any song in your iTunes library? And of course, once you sync that song to your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll then be able to view the lyrics directly on the iOS device screen. The whole process is quite simple, though you’ll have to fill in lyrics yourself if they aren’t already there, but with no shortage of lyrics sites out there the words the songs are only a  [Read More…]

Make New Playlists & Add Songs To Existing Playlists Easily with iTunes 11

Drag and drop to make playlists in iTunes

If you upgraded to iTunes 11 you know the default view removed the sidebar with its playlist view. Sure it’s easy to show again, but if you’d rather keep with the new simplified user interface, don’t miss this simple trick to make a new playlist or add songs to a playlist, without using the standard sidebar ever again.

Click and hold on any song  [Read More…]

Fast-Forward, Rewind, and Scrub Songs in the iPhone Music Player

Fast Forward or Rewind Music Easily from iOS

Any song playing from the iOS Music app can be fast-forwarded, rewound, or scrubbed easily, and in the case of rewinding or fast forwarding, you can do both right from the lock screen of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch too.

Fast-Forward in a Song

From the Music app or the lock screen Music player:

Tap and hold on the Forward button, the  [Read More…]

Automatically Add Songs & Movies to iTunes

Automatically Add Music and Movies to iTunes Using a little known folder buried within the iTunes directory, you can automatically add any compatible media to iTunes, be it songs, music, movies, just by placing files into the directory. This gets even better when you point downloads to that directory, because all downloaded media is then immediately synced to iTunes with no user interaction. Its extremely easy to set up, here is  [Read More…]

Download SoundCloud Songs as MP3 with a Bookmarklet

Download Mp3 from SoundCloud SoundCloud is a popular online music and audio sharing service where a lot of bands and musicians will post their music for others to listen to. Frequently theyll include a download link to songs, but depending on the posters account, they often have download limits that can be quickly maxed out on popular songs. The easiest solution of course is to just buy the song, but thats  [Read More…]