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Convert Bit Rate of Songs on iOS Devices with iTunes 10.6

Convert Bit Rate of Songs in iTunes iTunes now allows you to convert higher bit rate songs to three options: 128 kbps, 192 kbps, and 256 kbps. Enabling this option lets you save storage space on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad by compressing the music stored on the device. Here’s how to do this: Connect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the computer and launch iTunes Select the iOS  [Read More…]

Add Artwork to an Album or Group of Songs in iTunes

Add Artwork to Albums in iTunes You probably know by now that you can get album art from iTunes via the Advanced menu. That will fill in most missing album covers, but bands that don’t sell their music through iTunes or music downloaded from Soundcloud and blogs often don’t have any artwork attached. In this case you can manually add artwork yourself to either an album or group of songs: Find  [Read More…]

Social Music Player Tomahawk Finds Songs Everywhere, Including The Net [Review]

Tomahawk Here’s Tomahawk, a music player with a difference: it plays music from anywhere and almost everywhere. Not necessarily music from your collection, either.   When you first open it up, it does index your iTunes library, so all the songs from there are available to play (and put into playlists) inside Tomahawk. But beyond your collection, Tomahawk uses plug-ins called “Resolvers” to let it access music from  [Read More…]

This 23-Inch LCD Monitor Can Play Movies And Songs From Your iPhone, No Computer Required

It’s not quite here yet, but AOC’s got a monitor that we’re really twitching to look at come CES 2012: the e2343Fi, a 23-inch LCD with a neat little twist in the iPhone or iPod compatible dock ensconced in the base.   AOC won’t be showing off the display until CES, and who knows when it will go on sale, but our interest is piqued. Not only is the built-in  [Read More…]

Delete Songs Directly on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Delete Music from iPhone You can now delete songs directly from the Music app in iOS 5 on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, without having to re-sync to iTunes: Launch the Music app (used to be called iPod) Tap through to any song, and slide sideways on the track name to bring up a red “Delete” button, tap that to delete the song That’s all there is to it, just  [Read More…]

You Can Only Have A Maximum Of 25K Songs Or 250 Gigabytes Of Music In iTunes Match

If you’ve got a massive music library, better think twice about syncing it with iTunes Match: the maximum size of an iTunes library in the iTunes Match beta is 25,000 songs. Assuming a library in which song is an average of 4 minutes long and compressed in CD quality 320kbps, that basically means the upper limit on a library is a size of 250 gigabytes.  [Read More…]