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Inventive shorts show what you can do with new Sony Action Cams

This post is brought to you by Sony. We’re massive fans of Sony cameras, so we’re really interested in two new Action Cam models that challenge the GoPro status quo. To show off the eye-popping capabilities of its high-def duo…Read more ›

Sony to invest $376 million to expand iPhone camera sensor production

Sony is planning to invest $ 376 million dollars to boost capacity for chips used in smartphone camera sensors, including the iPhone. The company announced today that this will be the second boost to capacity made this year to meet demand.…Read more ›

Flying high again? Sony eagle-cam threatens GoPro

What’s good for endangered birds of prey may actually prey on GoPro’s hold on the point-of-view camera market. Sony’s 2-oz Action Cam Mini has been flying high since its release in September thanks to an organization which has been strapping…Read more ›

Sony could be preparing to ditch its ailing smartphone division

Sony may have begun its recovery following a massive cyberattack, but its bad luck isn’t going to stop there. The Japanese company continues to endure heavy losses thanks to the decline of key divisions, and sources say it is considering the sale of…Read more ›

Sony is hacked and fans scramble for the iPod Classic on The CultCast

This week: the Sony hack reveals all sorts of juicy Jobs movie tidbits; HBO uses Game of Thrones to break big cable’s iron grip; iPod Classic prices skyrocket as fans scramble to buy them; we’ll tell you how to get…Read more ›

Sony hack reveals dirty secrets behind Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie

If Aaron Sorkin had his way, Tom Cruise would be Steve Jobs. That’s one of the juicy details to have surfaced from leaked emails between Sorkin and Sony, the studio Sorkin had originally partnered with to make the film. The leaks also reveal…Read more ›

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie saved by Universal after Sony backs out

Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay on Steve Jobs has been in a seemingly perpetual state of flux for months. Multiple A-list actors and directors passed on the project, with Christian Bale most recently bowing out of the leading role after being all but…Read more ›

Sony backs out of Steve Jobs movie, but don’t worry!

Just as Steve Jobs had to go through some frustrating years of failure before returning to Apple to turn in around, so too is the Aaron Sorkin Jobs biopic experiencing its fair share of setbacks. Following the recent news that…Read more ›

Sony hopes to save Xperia with iPhone-like annual refreshes

Unlike every other major smartphone company, Apple launches new flagship iPhones just once a year, meaning that whenever a customer buys a new iPhone around release time they can rest safe in the knowledge that their device is going to remain…Read more ›

Matt Damon and other A-listers eyed to play Steve Jobs for Sony

Who will play Steve Jobs in Sony’s upcoming biopic? That’s been the million dollar question ever since Aaron Sorkin finished the script. Christian Bale was originally rumored alongside director David Fincher, but talks with both men fell apart. The latest…Read more ›