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Sony invests $345 million to capitalize on selfie demand

The most important camera upgrade on the iPhone 6 won’t be on in the back, it’ll be the front-facing selfie-cam, and Sony says it’s ready to spend $ 345 million to make sure it has enough image sensors for the iPhone…Read more ›

Oh, snap! iPhone 6 camera may feature new 13MP Sony Exmor sensor

For many users, the iPhone has long since been their default go-to camera, and that’s unlikely to change with the upcoming iPhone 6. As many smartphone camera aficionados will know, Apple has been using Sony’s Exmor sensors for its cameras…Read more ›

How Sony stood up to Steve Jobs’ wage-fixing schemes at Pixar

Steve Jobs may have been part of some of the biggest tech revolutions of the past forty years, but he was also part of an illegal attempt to suppress employee wages by way of a massive no-hire agreement with other…Read more ›

Sony floods show floor at E3 with supersized launch titles

The sad part of buying a new console is not having enough games to play on it. That’s been the case with all three new next generation gaming machines released recently, but the trend is perhaps most noticeable with Sony’s…Read more ›

David Fincher Backs Out Of Directing Steve Jobs Movie For Sony

David Fincher, who was previously rumored to direct Sony’s movie about Steve Jobs, is now out of the picture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fincher and Sony have parted ways due to disagreements over “compensation and control.” And if Fincher…Read more ›

Full-Frame Sony A7S Can Shoot 4K Video In The Dark

The new Sony A7S is a mirrorless full-frame camera which shoots 4K video and has a top ISO of 102,400, expandable to 409,600. Remember back in 2006 when Palm CEO Ed Colligan said this, about Apple and the iPhone: PC…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Sony Digital Paper, The $1,100 13-Inch E-Ink Tablet

Sony’s Digital Paper is so odd that if it were released tomorrow on April 1st, I’d wonder whether or not it was just a cruel prank. But apart from the absurd price, digital paper is a pretty great-looking product. Digital…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Sony: Apple Is “Missing Out” By Not Releasing New iPhones Twice A Year

Apple was responsible for 15% of the world’s smartphone shipments in 2013, and as much as 56% of all the profit. Sony, on the other hand, accounted for only 3.8% of the world’s smartphone shipments in 2013, and is barely…Read more ›    [Read More…]

How Steve Jobs Almost Put OS X On Every Sony Vaio Laptop

There was a time when the most luxurious laptops around weren’t MacBooks. They were Sony Vaios, and up[on his return to Apple in 1997, Steve Jobs so admired the design and engineering of the Vaio line-up that he wanted to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Sony Adapter Puts QX Lens Camera On Your iPad

Arguably, the iPad needs an external camera add-on more than the iPhone, stuck as it is with a previous-gen camera and features. And Sony seems to agree. Now it will sell you an adapter that puts one of its neat…Read more ›    [Read More…]