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Sony Planning 20.2MP Camera Attachment For Smartphones [Rumor]

7_Xperia_Z_camera_UIDo you ever wish you had a better camera in your smartphone? Well, before you upgrade to a hideous Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, you might want to take a look at the blurry picture above. It’s an accessory that Sony is rumored to be working on that’ll help you take incredible pictures with your smartphone. […]

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Sony RX100 II Is Sensitive, Connected, Looking For Hook-Ups

RX100M2_left.jpgSony’s RX100 is a pretty great compact camera. And the new RX100 II should be even better. The update/sequel, announced today, adds a bunch of modern-day gizmos to the $750 compact camera. The additions are, in order of me remembering them, are Wi-Fi and NFC, 180p video, an electronic hotshoe and a new 20.2MP backlit […]

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Sony Music Unlimited For iPhone Gets Offline Playback, 320 Kbps Streaming


Sony Music Unlimited for iPhone has been updated to offer offline playback and high quality 320 Kbps music streaming. These features were first introduced to the Android version of the app back in January, so it’s nice to finally see them on iOS with the version 1.3 update.

Sony Music Unlimited is currently vying for a chunk of the music streaming market that’s dominated by the likes of Spotify and Rdio.  [Read More…]

Sony Opens the SmartWatch. It’s About Time!


How cool would it be if some big consumer electronics company that is really great at hardware design sold a smartwatch you could buy for under $ 100 that was open to any developer’s firmware?

That would be amazing, because as an open platform genius software developers could compete with each other to create the ultimate smartwatch experience, and they wouldn’t need to fuss with designing and manufacturing a  [Read More…]

Former Apple Adman Says Steve Jobs Was Heavily Influenced By Sony When Choosing Company Name


Advertising legend Lee Clow has created some of the most iconic commercials of all-time thanks to his time working with Steve Jobs for over 30 years. He was the guy behind Apple’s 1984 commercial  the ‘Think Different’ slogan and many more Apple ad campaigns.

At a recent PTTOW! summit, Clow shared what it was like to work with Steve over the course of their 30-year relationship. Clow also shares his personal theory that Steve  [Read More…]

This 13-Pound Vintage Mac Laptop Was Killed By The Sony Walkman


You probably already know the Macintosh Portable, Apple’s first Mac laptop released for $ 7,300 in 1989, which looked and weighed about as much as a small suitcase full of dark matter. No joke: you could ship an entire crate of MacBook Airs inside of one.

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Sony Unveils World’s Smallest, Lightest 30X Optical Zoom Point-n-Shoot Camera



Sony is saying that their new Cybershot HX50V camera is the lightest, smallest 30x optical zoom-equipped camera in the world.

Seems like optical zoom is the new megapixels, at least as far as high-end point-n-shoots are concerned; it’s amazing to see the increasing zoom range camera makers are scrambling to pack into their pocketable shooters these days. For now, looks like Sony might just be the race leader.

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New Sony NEX-3N Is The World’s Smallest And Lightest Camera To Pack An APS-C Sensor



Sony’s NEX line has given birth to some of the best mirrorless cameras we’ve ever seen. They’re small, lightweight, and boast some pretty awesome image quality for their size.

Sony just upped the bar again this week by announcing the NEX-3N. It’s the world’s lightest interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C sensor, making it a contender for one of the best value mirrorless cameras you can find.

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Sony Announces PlayStation App For iOS and Android – Will Bring Second Screen Gaming To PS4

It's really about time.

It’s really about time.

With Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Smart Glass initiatives, it’s not surprising that Sony would find their own second screen solution, this one via a PlayStation app, planned for both iOS and Android devices. The PlayStation App will allow gamers playing Sony’s newly announced PlayStation 4 gaming console to look at in-game maps, buy games from the PlayStation Store while on the go, or watch  [Read More…]

You’ll Never Guess What Sony Wants To Call Their New Gaming Tablet

The Sony EyePad.

The Sony PlayStation EyePad.

Sony is currently experimenting with a tablet-style PlayStation controller, which according to Slashgear would allow for “dynamic 3D motion control and virtual buttons for gaming and other purposes.” They’re even trying to patent it.

It looks like cool hardware, similar to the capabilities of the Wii U console, which was, of course, Nintendo’s answer to the tablet craze that Apple started back in 2010.

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