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How to Sort ls Command by Date

The ‘ls’ command lists all files and folders in a directory at the command line, but by default ls returns a list in alphabetical order. With a simple command flag, you can have ls sort by date instead, showing the most recently modified items at the top of the ls command results. This trick applies … Read More

Pro Tip: Sort by date and app and never miss a Mac notification again

Like iOS, OS X has its own Notifications Center to keep you abreast of all the stuff going on in your world, from calendar events to reminders. Unlike iOS, OS X El Capitan defaults to a date sorting system that groups all your Notifications together by the date they were triggered. That’s super handy if […]

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Pro Tip: How to sort iOS Notifications by date

You know how it is — you unlock your iPhone with Touch ID so fast that you miss some important Notifications. You swipe down from the top of your iOS device’s screen to see what you missed and — ugh — you realize that your Notifications are sorted by app. How will you ever figure […]

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Steve Jobs‘ Aaron Sorkin apologizes to Tim Cook. Sort of.

Steve Jobs writer Aaron Sorkin has been doing the media rounds as of late. Last night he appeared on Conan, where he made a kinda-sorta apology to Tim Cook for their recent falling-out — only to then turn around and joke about Apple hacking his personal files. As you do. Tim Cook and Sorkin’s war-of-words started after Cook […]

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Get a $12,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition on a $400 Budget… Sort Of

So you want a gold Apple Watch Edition, but you don’t have a spare $ 12,000 laying around to buy the base model. Well, rather than spend a princely $ 12,000 on a gold Apple Watch Edition, why not spend $ 400 on the aluminum Sports model, and invest a couple bucks into some gold spray paint, masking … Read More [Read More…]

Apple Watch preorder arrives early, sort of

There’s still no sign whether Apple Watch preorders will actually arrive on doorsteps by Friday, but at least one customer has already received an Apple Watch preorder — sort of. A reddit user in Australia posted pictures this morning of…Read more ›

This machine uses an iPhone to sort M&M’s by color

Let’s face it. Deep in our hearts, we all know some colored M&M’s taste better than others. For me, it’s the red and green ones; for my wife, it’s the brown and orange ones. And, of course, Van Halen famously…Read more ›

Go Go Ghost is a spirited sort of endless runner

Endless runners are a popular genre on iOS, and the newly-launched Go Go Ghost looks like it’s not going to buck that trend. A side-scrolling auto-runner, it varies up the formula by adding missions. To complete each mission, your character…Read more ›

Ledr is sort of a leather fruit roll up to hold your longish, smallish equipment

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly shuffling around town (or around the country) with bits. No, not those bits; you know the ones I’m talking about: pens, cables, more pens, headphones, USB sticks, pocket knives and pens. They get…Read more ›

Why iPhoneography accessories are sort of a waste of time

One December years ago, in London’s Piccadilly Circus, a Santa Claus sat in a pavement cafe eating lunch with an elf. Santa had a pint of beer in from of him. I raised my old film SLR, which was prefocused…Read more ›