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This LED bulb puts out brilliant light and sound [Deals]

If you thought LED light bulbs couldn’t get cooler, well, you were wrong. Energy saving, long-lasting, superior quality light, the StrimLIGHT LED bulb has all that going for it. It also has the ability to play crisp, clear audio. Yes, from a light bulb. Right now you can get a StrimLIGHT LED bulb for just […]

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Tiny audiophile earbuds deliver big, clear sound

Lust List: Reference X20i In-Ear Headphones by Klipsch Have you ever wondered whether a pair of $ 550 earbuds is worth the price? I have, but never really had the scratch to put it to the test. Klipsch, however, sent me a pair of their high-end earbuds, the Reference X20i In-Ear Headphones, to test. When I […]

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Klipsch on-ear headphones deliver crisp, clear, booming sound

Lust List: Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones by Klipsch Sometimes you just need a solid, great-sounding set of wired headphones. They don’t need to charge up like my Bluetooth favorites do, nor do they require pairing (or repairing, like several models I’ve used). Earbuds are great, too, but for extended listening sessions, I prefer on-ear headphones. […]

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All the phones at the party become one sound system with AmpMe

The party is on, but there’s a problem: There’s no stereo or Bluetooth speaker for the music. But a startup out of Montreal has developed an app that allows partygoers to create a DIY sound system. AmpMe is an app that syncs streaming music across the many smartphones at that party to create one powerful […]

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Shelf-sized stereo system delivers massive sound from a tiny footprint

Now that we’re in the era of the portable Bluetooth speaker, it’s hard to justify spending money on a stereo system that just sits on a shelf at home. That perception is exactly what this tiny stereo system from German audio giant Thonet and Vander aims to fight, though. The Rätsel brings old-school stereo sensibility […][Read More…]

Hey, Siri: Play a fart sound

If you’ve got the future strapped to your wrist and an iPhone paired with said Apple Watch, you can prank your friends with the lowest form of humor imaginable: the fart sound. You’ll also need Apple Music, as this trick…Read more ›

Hot deals ending soon: KeySmart Key Organizer with 8GB USB Drive, the Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker & more [Deals]

We’re getting down to the wire on the chance to save big on the KeySmart 2.0 organizer, the Innori battery pack, the Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker, and more. KeySmart 2.0 Compact Key Organizer with 8GB USB Drive – 24% off Ditch…Read more ›

Save 63% on big style and sound in the Veho Bluetooth Speaker [Deals]

Got an audiophile dad? Your search for a Father’s Day gift ends here, with the Veho leather Bluetooth speaker. This retro-style piece is the rare Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t make design an afterthought, housing six watts of high-fidelity sound and…Read more ›

Get the award-winning Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker for 50% off [Deals]

With an ideal design and crystal clear sound quality, the award-winning Sound Kick Bluetooth Speaker is only $ 49.99 with Cult of Mac Deals. Whatever your music preference, at 50% off this deal hits all the rights notes. The unit has…Read more ›

How to Play a Power Charging Sound Effect in OS X When a MacBook is Plugged in (Like iOS)

When you connect a power source to an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or MacBook, a familiar charging chime sound will trigger from the device, indicating that a cable is attached and the device is getting power. If you like hearing that auditory confirmation that a device is getting power, you can add the exact same … Read More [Read More…]