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SoundCloud takes on Apple Music with new subscription service

Apple Music’s competition in the music streaming battle just got a little fiercer today with the introduction of a new subscription service by SoundCloud. The new SoundCloud Go service costs $ 10 per month, giving you unlimited access to the YouTube of Audio’s vast trove of indie content without ads. You can also save files to […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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CloudPlay Puts Music From iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud & More In Your Macís Menu Bar

All the music you can listen to just a click away.

I listen to music from a number of places while I’m working. Most of the time it comes from Spotify, but I’ll also call on albums or songs I’ve purchased from iTunes, or check out songs Spotify doesn’t have on YouTube. It’s kind of a pain switching between the three, but there’s never been a better solution.

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Download SoundCloud Songs as MP3 with a Bookmarklet

Download Mp3 from SoundCloud SoundCloud is a popular online music and audio sharing service where a lot of bands and musicians will post their music for others to listen to. Frequently theyíll include a download link to songs, but depending on the posters account, they often have download limits that can be quickly maxed out on popular songs. The easiest solution of course is to just buy the song, but thatís  [Read More…]