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How to View Page Source in Safari on Mac

Viewing a web pages source code in Safari, and other web browsers, is a fairly routine activity for many people who work with the web for a living or even as a hobby. Unlike some other browsers, to view page source in Safari you must first enable a developer toolset for the browser to be … Read More

How to Block or Hide a News Source in News App on iOS

The News app on iPhone and iPad includes a large number of publications, some of which you may be interested in and likely some that you have less interest in reading or maybe even don’t want to see at all. Fortunately it’s really easy to adjust the News app in iOS to block or hide … Read More

OS X source code hints at switch to ‘macOS’

We’ve all noticed Apple’s latest operating system nomenclature, with each new release a device-centric OS, like iOS, tvOS, or watchOS. Why not macOS, then? A bit of source code in the current stable release of OS X (10.11.4) seems to point to that very thing. Developer Guilherme Rambo told Portuguese-language site MacMagazine.com.br that he found […]

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Apple’s Swift programming language goes open source

Swift, the fast growing computer programming language created by Apple, is officially going open source starting today. Apple unveiled Swift at WWDC in 2014 with a promise to make it open source in the future. Now that the language has become one of the fastest adopted languages in history, the company announced this morning that the […]

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iWatch battery life might be disappointing, source claims

Details of the iWatch’s features have been trickling out the rumor mill in the lead up to next week’s event shedding light on the new fitness, homekit, and payments features Apple’s first wearable will include, but according to a report…Read more ›

Russia tells Apple it wants to check its source code for spying

As the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War continues to unfold, Russian officials have proposed that Apple hand the government access to its entire source code, just to make sure there aren’t any spying bugs…Read more ›

Check Out The Source Code For The Apple II Operating System

Apple’s never been a particularly vocal advocate of open source, but thanks to a collaboration between two vintage computer museums, you can now delve into the sweet, sweet code of Apple’s first operating system.

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‘MagicPlay’ By DoubleTwist Is An Open Source Alternative To Apple’s AirPlay

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.16.21 PMThe best thing about AirPlay is that it just works. It takes about two taps to send audio from an iPhone to an Apple TV or other supported device. The downside to AirPlay is that Apple owns it exclusively, and accessory makers have to pay a licensing fee to use it in their products. That […]

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Apple Wants To See Android Source Code Records In Samsung Patent Suit


Apple wants to see documents related to Android source code in its ongoing patent infringement suit against Samsung. The Cupertino company has asked U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal to force Google to hand over the information, which it is allegedly withholding improperly, Bloomberg reports.

As part of its second patent-infringement case against Samsung, Apple argues that Android “provides much of the accused functionality” in all of Samsung’s allegedly infringing products. As such,  [Read More…]

Samsung Begs To See Apple’s iOS Source Code To Prove Patent Infringement

Show us the source code!

Show us the source code!

Samsung has gone before the Seoul Central District Court to ask to see Apple’s iOS source code. The goal of seeing the source code is to confirm whether Apple’s iOS 6 infringes on any of Samsung’s software patents. Yes, this is the same Samsung that Apple won $ 1 billion+ in damages against for patent infringement in U.S. court last year.

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