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Twelve South’s BookArc Möd Is A Gorgeous Mid-Century MacBook Stand [Review]

Some materials have integrity. Consider aluminum, Jony Ive’s material of choice, and then compare it to plastic. Under the skin, plastic feels wholly artificial, a lump of congealed and polished chemicals; in feel and smell, there’s something unnatural and slightly…Read more ›

Twelve South’s BackPack 2 Is The iMac Shelf You Probably Never Knew You Needed [Review]

The BackPack 2 shelf hanging on a 27-inch iMac.

Twelve South is really good at making attractive, beautifully packaged and well marketed accessories for Apple lovers.

Often, their accessories seem born from a small idea — what if your MacBook could look like a book, or what if you could attach your iPad to an arm connected to your Mac — but through excellence in execution, these small ideas quickly become indispensible.

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