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Southwest Airlines adds free Beats Music to in-flight entertainment

Southwest Airlines can’t guarantee you’ll get the seat you want on your next flight, but starting this week you’ll be slightly more entertained wherever you end up, as the airline is introducing free Beats Music streaming on flights. Beginning today,…Read more ›

Southwest Airlines app adds mobile boarding pass support in 28 airports

Given the extra security you find at airports these days, we’re grateful for anything that makes the experience of checking in and boarding your flight that bit quicker and easier. With that in mind, Southwest Airlines has just posted an…Read more ›

Stay Charged And Stay Connected In Austin With The South By Southwest Tech Survival Kit [Deals]

In a little over two weeks, a ton of people will make the trek to Austin, Texas for the annual South By Southwest conference. Commonly known as SXSW, many people have made the pilgrimage to the event year in and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Southwest Will Now Let You Pay $2 To Use iMessage On Your Flight

The FCC may or may not be ready to give in-flight cellphone calls the green light, but until you can phone home from 40,000 feet up Southwest is now going to let customers pay $ 2 for an all-day iMessage pass.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Southwest Airlines Now Has Free In-Flight TV For iDevices Courtesy Of DISH

Southwest-Airlines-logoSouthwest Airlines announced today that it has partnered with DISH to offer free in-flight TV on all of its Wifi equipped planes. The free tv service launches today and is available to fliers with an iPad, iPhone, or almost any other smartphone or tablet. The new ‘TV Flies Free’ program will be available on more than 400 […]

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