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Apple & Tim Cook Sued Over PRISM In Hopes Of Sparking “Second American Revolution”


Last week, a story about the NSA’s top-secret PRISM program broke. According to leaked documents, PRISM is a program in which the NSA is directly able to survey all data stored on the servers of pretty much every tech company under the sun, including Apple.

Apple has firmly denied even hearing about PRISM, but intriguingly, they might be required by law to do so.

Either way, it was only a  [Read More…]

Google Tablet Targets Amazon Kindle Fire Sparking Family Fight [Report]

Photo by kirainet – http://flic.kr/p/7VsMbN

Theres nothing like a family fight and one may be brewing between Android creator Google and the Kindle Fire, one of the few Android-based tablets able to lay a finger on the iPads overwhelming success. Although unconfirmed, a report suggests the Internet giant is planning to unveil its own tablet in early 2012 that could undercut Amazons price advantage. It brings tears of joy to the  [Read More…]