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Lady Liberty sparks ‘statue selfie’ trend


The Gold iPhone 5s Sparks An Accessory Gold Rush

gold-collection-parrot-zik  Perhaps it’s more of a gold trickle than an actual bona fide rush, but we’ve already found two just-released gold versions of previously un-gilded gadgets: the Kickstarted eleMount iPhone stand, and Parrot’s luxury Zik headphones (above). The ball-and-socket eleMount will complete the iPhone 5s trifecta (there’re already black and silver versions) when/if its aluminum […]

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Bold iPad 3 AND iPad 4 Rumor for 2012 Sparks Doubt

Although it’s being reported today in the far east that Apple’s next two generations worth of iPads could see the light of day before 2012 is over, many are naturally doubting Apple’s willingness to release two refreshes of the same product in one year. Nonetheless, on Friday Digitimes reported that current plans reportedly call for the iPad 3 to drop in March. This incarnation of the touchscreen tablet will be defined by its high-resolution Retina  [Read More…]

Google Wallet Launch Sparks Talk of iPhone 5 NFC Implementation

Long in the works, Google has formally raised the curtain on its Google Wallet service. While the service is only available at the moment for users of the Sprint Nexus S 4G phone, the app is considered to represent a gigantic leap forward in the use of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in smartphones for the purpose of engaging in mobile payments. If you’re unfamiliar, NFC allows mobile customers pay for items in brick-and-mortar retail  [Read More…]

Potential Hack-Proof PS3 Rumor Sparks Interesting Jailbreak, Piracy Debate

Click the image to open in full size. Earlier today our friends at Crunch Gear ran with a story that, while based on a rumor, has sparked an interesting debate about the future of technology as it pertains to the intensifying crackdowns on hacking, jailbreaking, and the larger underlying issue of piracy. According to the report in question, Sony is said to be actively entertaining plans to introduce a so-called "hack-proof" PS3. Could it  [Read More…]