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Jay Blahnik has been one of Apple’s key hires in getting the Apple Watch and now in one of his first extensive interviews since joining the company, Apple’s fitness guru has revealed how his teams of experts tried to differentiate the Apple Watch in the hugely competitive new wearables market. When it came down to […]

Is there a better sign that the future has arrived than meeting with friends at a park to play with flying robots? Another such sign might be that you can now get one of those robots for the price of a dinner date. The SKEYE Mini Drone is about to launch, at a whopping 34% […]

It’s iPhone rumor season which means concept artists are busting out their best guesses as to what Jony Ive’s next smartphone design changes might entail. We’ve already seen some super thin iPhone redesigns, but concept designers Ivo Marić and Tomislav… Read more ›

  What’s the best way to get a gold Apple Watch early? If you’re Pharrell, the answer is ‘have a concert at Apple HQ.’ Employees at Apple’s Cupertino campus are being treated to a special performance from the ‘Happy’ singer who… Read more ›

Spray-on Life Paint gives bicyclists a special glow

When you’re flying down the road on a bicycle at night, visibility could mean the difference between life and death at the hands of an automobile driver. Volvo has designed what it’s calling Life Paint as a way for cyclists… Read more ›

Sure, you’ve got Touch ID set up on your iPhone 6, but you’ll still need a passcode to keep your iPhone secure. If you have an older iPhone without Touch ID, or your fingerprint isn’t recognized for any reason, you’ll… Read more ›

Apple’s special gold isn’t so special after all

All week, it’s been reported that Apple is using a “new gold” in the gold Apple Watch Edition. According to Bloomberg, Slate, Gizmodo and many others, Apple has patented a new process to create a “metal matrix composite” by mixing gold… Read more ›

After the disaster that was Apple’s last keynote live stream, it seemed possible that Apple wouldn’t attempt another one for its October 16, where the company is expected to unveil new versions of the iPad, its long-awaited Retina Display iMac,… Read more ›

With Apple’s last keynote live stream being an utter disaster, we weren’t holding out much hope for another one in the foreseeable future. But the company has today posted a note on its website that confirms you will be able to tune… Read more ›

Apple’s new A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the fastest, most powerful processor born from the Mothership, but when it comes time to power Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad early next year, Apple reportedly plans to give it… Read more ›