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The optional iOS Restrictions settings provides a way to limit access to adult themed websites from Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but for some purposes those default restrictions may not go far enough. For those looking to gain additional control over web access, users will find that individual websites can be added … Read More

There are several apps in OS X that may want to use your location data, including apps like Maps, iPhoto, and more. If you want to see which apps are currently requesting and using your data, simply click on the… Read more ›     

Ugh, Flash content, right? It slows everything down, and buries content within inaccessible Flash movies, and forces you to install and keep updating the plugin, even if you don’t need it. Honestly, I hope Flash goes the way of the dodo, and HTML 5 takes over. If I had my druthers, I’d disable Flash on […]        [Read More...]

Safari Safari 7 now provides finely tuned controls over what websites can use which browser plugins, and there are few better uses for such a feature than selectively limiting the Adobe Flash Player plugin to only be enabled for specifically approved websites. Basically this means you can have the Flash player installed on your Mac, but blocked for your wider web experience, while still being allowed on a few select sites that you  [Read More...]

Train autocorrect words in iOS

The iOS Autocorrect feature is notorious for being very aggressive in correcting certain words, particularly those words with colorful, offensive, or controversial meanings – basically any curse word. If you get fed up with autocorrects persistent mouth (finger?) soap, you can either use shortcuts to automatically replace the words that autocorrect struggles with, try to force learning with word repetition, or, perhaps easiest and new since iOS 7;  [Read More...]

OS X Mavericks has been designed to optimize your Mac. Whether it’s an older Mac or a new one, a desktop or a laptop: Mavericks just makes everything work better. One feature that helps in the effort to keep your…

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Ok, I’ll admit it; I occasionally use Siri in the car. It’s not a perfectly hands-free system, but it is great to be able to send a quick text to let someone know I’m running late without touching the phone too much. The other day, though, I was sitting in the car at my son’s […]

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Change Default App File TypeIn OS X, all file types have a default application that opens them when you double click on them. If you double click on a PDF file or a PNG file, chances are that your Mac will open it in Preview, Apple’s default PDF and image file app. If you’ve given an app like Adobe […]

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All Notes Evernote ViewReader Bruce C asks, I just read your article Mastering Evernote on Your Mac. I began using Evernote about a month ago and am now using it exclusively for notes and writing (journal, poetry, etc.). I like the Notebook view but the program opens in the Notes view. Is there a way to set it [...]

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Top Sites EditOver at Stack Exchange, one intrepid user asks, I would like to know if there is any way to block Facebook and other sites from being added to Safari’s Top Sites. Someone knows how to do that? One answer is to completely keep new tabs or windows from showing Top Sites, but that’s not really [...]

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