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Spectacular without surprises: What critics think of iPhone 6s

It’s been two weeks since Apple announced its latest iPhones, and the first reviews are in — letting the rest of the world know what we can expect to find this Friday (or possibly before, if you’re an AT&T customer.) So what do reviewers think? Mainly that 3D Touch is the way of the future, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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21-inch iMac with spectacular 4K display is coming this year

Apple reportedly kicked off production of its new 21-inch 4K iMac earlier this month, according to a new report — with the new desktop computers said to be arriving in stores sometime in the fourth quarter. It is claimed that the new iMac will boast a pixel density the same as Apple’s larger 27-inch 5K […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple’s ‘Shot with iPhone’ ad campaign crowdsources spectacular photos

Apple’s new ad campaign might be its best yet, especially if you’re one of the iPhone owners that’s about to have your photo on a billboard. Simply called “Shot on iPhone,” it’s hard to call Apple’s campaign an ad at…Read more ›

Drool over the spectacular home of one of Apple’s top industrial designers

Great design doesn’t finish when you go home if you’re a member of Apple’s Industrial Design team. San Francisco’s SFGate and Business Insider have published new pictures showing the home of long-time Apple industrial designer Peter Russell-Clarke, one of the inner sanctum…Read more ›

Marvel’s spectacular Comic-Con offer lets you read 15,000 comics for just $1

If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics (and, frankly, who isn’t?) you’ll likely be pleased as punch to hear of the publisher’s latest offer. To celebrate Comic-Con International, Marvel is opening up its online archive — consisting of more than…Read more ›

Spectacular Star Wars Episode VII pics appear online

The nerdgasm is strong with this one! TMZ has somehow managed to get hold of an epic 45 image gallery of pictures from Star Wars Episode VII, that will make long time Star Wars fans very, very happy indeed. We…Read more ›

How the iPad Helps Create Spectacular Bollywood Dance Numbers

Apple has already shown us how the iPad is used to explore the deepest oceans and tallest mountains, but in for its newest segment of the ‘Your Verse’ campaign the iPad has gone totally Bollywood. Famed Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan…Read more ›

Heres 15 Spectacular Wallpapers For Your New iPhone 5 [Gallery]

Your iPhone 5 is gorgeous and thin and you love the hell out of it, right? New wallpaper selection for the iPhone 5 is a little bit lacking right now while everyone gets used to the taller resolution, but we went out and dug up 15 amazing wallpapers that perfectly fit the iPhone 5′s taller screen.Check ‘em out.

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