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Verizon to begin field testing its super speedy 5G network in 2016

Verizon has confirmed plans to begin testing the first super speedy 5G network in the U.S. next year. Its new service will have 50 times the throughput of existing 4G LTE networks, and Verizon is working with a number of partners, including Samsung, to accelerate its development. “By nearly all accounts, 5G technology should be introduced […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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App Watch: iPad messaging, speedy news reading and reinvented music albums

Hands on: See how iOS 8 transforms Mail into a speedy messaging tool

With so many emails to send in a day, having an application that meets all your requirements is critical. Though Apple’s native email client might not always have been the fastest means of delivering messages, iOS 8 aims to fix…

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Lingual Brings Speedy Voice Translation To Siri On Jailbroken iPhones

Since the Absinthe jailbreak tool was released for Apple�s A5-powered devices last week, we�ve seen all sorts of tweaks that maximize Siri functionality on the iPhone 4S. The latest is one of the most impressive. It�s called Lingual, and it provides quick and easy voice translation to over 30 languages, using Microsoft Bing Translate API.

Because Lingual uses Bing Translate as a backend, it promises to offer the same functionality, so  [Read More…]

Try A Speedy iOS Browser Alternative to Mobile Safari

WiBlaze is a speedy Web browser for iOS that uses the iDevice’s hardware to its max potential.

Some people are tired of Mobile Safari. I admit, it is a great Web browser, in fact it’s the�world’s fastest mobile Web browser�on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. How about for those single core processors, though? WiBlaze comes packed with hardware acceleration that takes full advantage of the A4 and A5 chips and every aspect of the  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Fakes Are Already Available in China Thanks to Speedy Counterfeiters

This morning�s report that claims the iPhone 5 will now launch a month later than its expected September release will be a huge blow to some, but as long as you�re not too concerned about having your device made by Apple, you can get an iPhone 5 today in China.

Despite having no idea what Apple�s official iPhone 5 might look like yet, counterfeiters are already spawning fake devices based on those  [Read More…]