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Fiasco turns spelling into an action-packed race against time

I like words. I like writing them, I like spelling them, and I like picking the perfect one for the sentence I’m creating. And I like playing with them, too, if you couldn’t tell from all the word games I…

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Finnish Linguists Tell Apple They’re Spelling iPhone Wrong

If you thought that “Think Different” was the last time Apple was going to come under fire from the grammar police, think again! Finland’s linguistic authorities, the Institute for the Languages of Finland — which rules on correct spellings, loan…

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SpellGrid Gives You A Quick Fix Of High-Pressure Spelling [Review]

I can really appreciate an app that values my time, so I’m going to just throw this in here at the start: SpellGrid, an anagram/crossword game out now for iPhone and iPad, will have you playing within five seconds of opening it. That doesn’t affect my review, but I’ve seen enough startup loading screens to […]

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Help Siri Pronounce Your Contact Names With Phonetic Spelling Hints [iOS Tips]

As a person with a funkily spelled last name, at least for English speakers, I appreciate that Siri tries to say my name, but I never really assumed she could pronounce it correctly. If you’re having trouble with Siri’s pronunciation of any of your contact names, here’s an easy trick to get her to say it correctly.

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Add Phonetic Spelling to Contact Names to Improve Siri’s Pronunciation

Add phonetic spelling to names to improve pronunciation with Siri

Siri doubles as a great hands-free helper with some extremely useful voice commands, but sometimes Siri can really mangle pronunciation of names that aren’t outright obvious. If you’re finding that Siri routinely either mispronounces a name or doesn’t understand a request regarding a certain contact, try adding special phonetic spelling fields to the troubled contacts:

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Summon a Spelling & Grammar Check Tool in Mac OS X with a Keyboard Shortcut

Spelling and Grammar Check in Mac OS X

Mac OS X includes a powerful built-in spelling and grammar tool that runs automatically when you type in many apps, but a separate panel can be summoned from just about any text entry point or app that provides additional support for the feature. To bring up the “Spelling and Grammar” panel in a compatible Mac app, just use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+: (yes, colon/semi-colon).

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