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Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack spins onto vinyl

As vinyl enjoys a resurgence in interest and availability, it’s no small wonder that the publisher of Grand Theft Auto V is creating a special boxed set of tunes on records. The box set will include 59 tracks from the…

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Amazon spins oldies in modern streaming war

The album is dead. So dead Amazon thinks customers won’t even care if all the songs in its new music streaming service have been spun out of tune by DJ’s across the country for months. To boost up its digital…

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Netflix Spins Off DVD By Mail Service as Qwikster, Adding Game Rentals

Netflix, the DVD by mail service that killed the corner video rental store, is now Qwikster. The announcement comes as the company attempts to save its profitable streaming business from a consumer revolt.

In an email to customers apologizing for poorly explaining an earlier price increase of the DVD service, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said Qwikster will be separate from the main company, requiring DVD-by-mail subscribers to edit their queues of movies  [Read More…]