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World’s most spoiled dog scores two Apple Watch Editions

The son of China’s richest man has bought not one, but two gold Apple Watch Editions. For his dog. Wang Sicong’s father, real-estate magnate Wang Jianlin, is worth about $ 34 billion dollars, and the 27-year-old son officially has too much…Read more ›

Intoxicase: Beer Connoisseurs and Spoiled College Kids Rejoice

Successful products usually solve a real and obvious consumer problem/need, which means the Intoxicase should be sweeping across the countrys college campuses any day now. Thebottle-opening case has been done before, but not like this. The Intoxicase comes in two flavors, the orgininal and the Intoxicase+. The original Intoxicase has rather pocket-unfriendly looking bottle opener wleded onto the back of the iPhone 4/4S case. Apparently hundreds of design and experiment hours went into the patent  [Read More…]

Video Shows Spoiled Kids Crying On Twitter Because They Didnt Get an iPhone For Christmas

(Warning: video is NSFW) All I wanted for Christmas was an iPhone. Thats it. But my parents went off and bought me a stupid Kindle Firethose dumb bastards. Actually Id be pretty happy with receiving a new Kindle Fire, and I already have an iPhone 4S with the fancy camera and everything so I dont need a new one of those, but apparently a lot of people were disappointed on Christmas morning when they didnt unwrap a shiny new iPhone.  [Read More…]

iPad Binder Case, Perfect Back to School Gift for Spoiled Brats

The ZooGlue BinderPad is perfect for spoiled brat middle and high schoolers everywhere. I’ll admit I’m a little a jaded when it comes to technology. I grew up loving my PC, updating it frequently, fell in love with my first MacBook Pro, but for all the my techno-love as a child, I never owned an iPod or cell phone in high school. So the thought of the market this iPad case is aimed at owning  [Read More…]