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These wraparound sports shades won’t screw up your look

Lust List: Screw sports sunglasses by Spy Optics Choosing a pair of sports shades is always a balancing act of form versus function. Luckily, Spy Optics makes sunglasses for every face and every activity. With its Screw series of shades, Spy found the sweet spot where you get what you need while sweating your ass […]

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Kanga Hoodie sports single, iPad Pro-sized pocket

The appropriately named Kanga Hoodie drops the recent trend of fitting as many little pockets as we can into everything in favor of one huge pocket that goes all the way around your body. The project is looking for some cash from crowdfunding site Kickstarter to finish production, and it’s looking to do some good […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple TV picks up new USA NOW and CBS Sports channels

The redesigned Apple TV and its accompanying streaming service are still nowhere to be seen, but Apple beefed up its channel offerings for its little black box today, adding new icons for USA Now and CBS Sports. The new Apple…Read more ›

MLB stadiums become first sports venues to accept Apple Pay

iPhone 6 owners who happen to also be fans of Major League Baseball have a treat on their hands, courtesy of a new deal signed by Apple which will see Apple Pay added at several MLB stadiums in time for…Read more ›

Steve Jobs called Sports Illustrated‘s 2009 iPad demo ‘stupid’

Is it any wonder that Steve Jobs — who transformed Apple from an incredibly leak-heavy company during the 1990s, into one of the most secretive tech companies in existence — hated word getting out about his future products? While bloggers…Read more ›

Wireless and waterproof, Pump sports headphones crank up the fun

BlueAnt’s Pump wireless headphones caught my eye at Mobile World Congress. Sports gear that also looks cool? Count me in! I’ve been giving theses waterproof Bluetooth headphones a workout since they arrived last week, and I love them. That’s not…Read more ›

Pear Sports’ new monitor is the workout coach you always wanted

I’ve been a runner for a long time. I trained for (and ran) the 1994 Los Angeles Marathon. I’ve run 5K races, half marathons and relays for full marathons up here in Alaska, too. I find that running gives me…Read more ›

Beats deal netted LeBron James the biggest equity cash payout in sports history

NBA superstar (and Samsung shill) LeBron James reportedly made some serious bank as a result of Apple’s $ 3bn Beats acquisition in May — ranking as the largest equity cash payout for a professional athlete in history. Citing sources close to…Read more ›

Apple TV Gains New ACC Sports Channel

The best basketball conference in the country just got a front row seat on the Apple TV thanks to the new ACC Sports channel added to the device’s lineup Monday morning. The new channel squeaks onto Apple TV just in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Swell Radio App Is Pandora For Talk, Sports And News Radio, And It’s Fantastic [Daily Freebie]

  Ever wished there was a way to make Pandora (or iTunes Radio) play little snippets of news, tailored to your tastes, just like it does with music? Free app Swell Radio does just that, and does it perfectly. Dive…Read more ›    [Read More…]