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Index Less, Search Smarter – Customize Spotlight Search On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

With the new iOS 7, you’re able to search your iPhone from any icon-bearing home screen. Simply drag downward on the iPhone screen on any page, and you’ll see the Search field. Type in whatever you’re searching for–Contacts, Apps, Music,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Search the Web & Wikipedia from the iOS Home Screen with Spotlight

Search the web with Spotlight in iOS

Want to quickly search the web or Wikipedia from the Home Screen of iOS? Just turn to Spotlight, the built-in search engine. Sure, Spotlight is often used as an application launcher or a way to quickly find old emails, notes, and contacts, but you can also type more generic queries into it the search box to immediately search either the web or Wikipedia. It’s  [Read More…]

Cut, Copy, & Paste Files Directly from Spotlight in Mac OS X

Spotlight Spotlight is the wildly useful search feature built into Mac OS X (and iOS) that is accessible by hitting Command+Spacebar. It can seemingly find and do everything, but did you know it also includes basic file system functionality? Using some little known tricks, you can copy and cut files directly from Spotlight, letting you easily make duplicates of buried hard to find files, or even move a file from some  [Read More…]

Use Spotlight To Find And Reveal Files In The Finder [OS X Tips]

Spotlight Find and RevealSure, there are quite a few keyboard shortcuts to navigate Spotlight, making it more of a power user tool than you’d think. Did you know, however, that you can reveal found items in the Finder using Spotlight? Me neither. So here’s how. Use Command-Space or click on the Spotlight magnifying glass in the upper right […]

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iOS 7 Beta 4 Adds Spotlight Instructions, Home Screen Snoozes

beta-better.jpegIOS7 beta 4 continues to impress, and it seems that Apple has now ironed out a lot of the bigger bugs, leaving time to polish the smaller things. In just a few hours of use I have noticed a couple of very helpful additions: one to Spotlight and one to the snooze function of the […]

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Force Spotlight to Ignore Folders & Files with a “.noindex” Naming Extension

Spotlight is the core of Mac OS X’s Search functionality, and if you want Spotlight to ignore a file, folder, or drive, the traditionally recommended advice is to drag the items to exclude from indexation into the Spotlight system preference panel exclusion list. That’s the recommended approach because it’s simple to use and easy to manage, but there is another way that utilizes a naming extension to force Spotlight to ignore any given document or directory.

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Enable Spotlight Indexing To Re-Index Your Mac Hard Drive [OS X Tips]

A while back, we wrote up a tip on reindexing the hard drive on your Mac using Terminal. Recently, a Cult of Mac reader emailed us to let us know it wasn’t quite working on his end.

Rob, I read your post on using terminal to reindex the hard drive on a mac. Any idea why when the command is executed the terminal displays “Indexing disabled.”?

Thanks, Mike S

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Change Spotlight Search Priority in iOS

Change Spotlight search priority in iOS

Spotlight defaults to showing Contacts from a devices address book as the top search results, which may be helpful but that same feature already exists when searching through Contacts anyway. To get the most out of Spotlight, take the time to change the search priority of results so that what you are most likely to look for appears on top.

Open Settings then tap “General”  [Read More…]

Use Spotlight On Your iPhone or iPad To Find Apps In Folders [iOS Tips]

Where *is* that app?

We all have too many apps, I’m guessing. As an app aficionado, I have hundreds of apps across several pages, many of them buried within folders. iOS is organized for visual memory; I’m usually flipping through pages and looking for the app I need based on where it is on the page, how the icon looks, and what other apps it’s near.

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Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Navigate Spotlight [OS X Tips]

Power users know that the more you can keep your hands on the keyboard, the faster you can get things done on your Mac. That’s the reason keyboard shortcuts exist, like Command-C to copy text, or Shift-Command-3 to take a screenshot. It’s perfectly acceptable to move your mouse to select the command from a menu, of course, but the keyboard shortcuts are just faster.

Spotlight, like most other OS X apps,  [Read More…]