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How to Exclude Hard Drives and Folders from Spotlight Index in Mac OS X

Exclude drives and folders from Spotlight index Spotlight is a wonderful feature of Mac OS X, but sometimes you donít want it indexing everything. Whether itís an external backup drive, a scratch disk, or just a private folder with files you donít want easily found, excluding drives and directories from Spotlight is easy: Launch System Preferences from the ? Apple menu and click on ďSpotlightĒ Click on the ďPrivacyĒ tab Drag  [Read More…]

[Review] Does the Dark Spotlight Screen and Charging Screen Just Annoy You?

Never again will you need to look at a dark overlay on your iDevice!Developer DjKira has released a jailbreak tweak into Cydia which allows you to set the Wallpaper’s alpha to the minimum value no matter where you are on your SpringBoard. The jailbreak tweak is known as WAlpha and from the screenshots above, you can already see what I am talking about. While I’m not sure what this might be useful for (themes?), it  [Read More…]

Customize Your Spotlight Search To Remove Unwanted Results And Find Things Faster [iOS Tip]

  Spotlight search on an iOS device is a fantastic feature. If, like me, you have pages and pages filled with apps, itís easy to find the one youíre looking for simply by typing the first few letters of its name into Spotlight. You can do the same with songs, contacts, messages, emails, reminders, events, and lots, lots more. However, there may be some things you donít want to show  [Read More…]

Hide the Spotlight Menu Icon in Mac OS X Lion

Hide the Spotlight icon in OS X Lion Whether you are disabling Spotlight or just wanting to reduce menubar icon clutter, itís possible to hide the Spotlight icon. Hereís the best part though; if you just want to hide the Spotlight menu, you can do so without disabling the search abilities from functioning in the Finder or with other apps that rely on the Spotlight metadata. Hide the Spotlight Menu Icon  [Read More…]

How to Disable (or Enable) Spotlight in Mac OS X Lion

Disable Spotlight in OS X Lion Completely disabling and reenabling Spotlight in Mac OS X Lion can be done with the help of the Terminal. The following command unloads the Spotlight mds agent from launchd, preventing the daemon from running or indexing any drives entirely. Open up the Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/) and enter the following commands based on the need to either disable or reenable Spotlight indexing. This will effect  [Read More…]

Fix Your Spotlight Search Results By Forcing Spotlight To Re-index [OS X Tips]

Iíve had a few friends experience a problem with their Spotlight search results after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion and at other times for other reasons. They claimed to search for items that they knew were somewhere on their computer, but Spotlight wasnít able to find them in both cases. Hereís a down and dirty fix for Spotlight that is useful when Spotlight seems to stop providing the results  [Read More…]

Get The Most Out Of Lions Expanded Spotlight Searches [OS X Tips]

  Here is a tip that will show you how to get the most out of two new Spotlight search features that expand that utilities reach quiet a bit. The version of Spotlight that ships with Mac OS X Lion now includes Web and Wikipedia searches just like the ones we are used to seeing on iOS. Now Mac OS X Lion can not only search your Mac, but its  [Read More…]

FolderLock: Protect Folders + (Settings, Spotlight, Multitasking)

Andrea Oliva (@abart997 has developed and submitted a new tweak for the iDevice called FolderLock. Hence the name, this tweak gives you the ability to password lock your folders on the iDevice. Tweaks like Locktopus have given the user password protection on applications. With FolderLock upcoming soon, you’ll be able to use the same principle with folders as well. Settings for FolderLock are located in the Settings.app under its name FolderLock. The settings are pretty  [Read More…]