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iOS 9 adoption runs out of steam after a starting sprint

What does my performance in the gym have in common with iOS 9 adoption? Apparently the fact that both start strong, get a bit overconfident, and then run out of steam far too quickly. That’s according to Apple’s latest developer figures, at least, which show that roughly 67 percent of eligible iOS users are currently […]

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Sprint thinks you should always carry the latest iPhone

We’re less than one month away from the iPhone 6s being announced, and carriers are tripping over themselves and each other trying to offer the best terms for customer upgrades. The latest carrier to throw its name in the ring is Sprint, which has just launched its new iPhone Forever plan, which lets users upgrade […][Read More…]

Sprint will come to your home to set up your new smartphone

Eligible for an upgrade on your Sprint handset? If so, you may be able to take advantage of a great new offer from the company, whereby a Sprint representative will personally deliver your new phone and configure it for you…Read more ›

Sprint offers $17 per month ‘iPad for life’ lease

If you’re looking to get a new iPad for as little cash as possible, here’s an intriguing offer: from tomorrow Sprint is letting customers lease an iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 for as little as $ 17 per month.…Read more ›

Sprint gives up plan to buy T-Mobile

Sprints is giving up on its dream to buy T-Mobile and merge into a mega-carrier powerful enough to take on AT&T and Verizon, after months of pursuing a multi-billion acquisition of the magenta-hued UnCarrier. Winning approval from the carriers was…Read more ›

WSJ: Sprint Wants To Buy T-Mobile

Sprint is planning to buy T-Mobile, according to The Wall Street Journal. The $ 20+ billion deal would combine the nation’s third and fourth largest carriers. Sprint is reportedly “studying regulatory concerns and could launch a bid in the first half…Read more ›    [Read More…]

If You’re A Student, Sprint Will Give A Free Year Of Service For Buying Your iPhone At Best Buy

Today Sprint announced a limited time deal that gives students a full year of free cellular service with the purchase of a smartphone at any Best Buy location. The offer includes unlimited talk/text and 1GB of data per month, with…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Get An iPhone 5c For Free When You Switch To Sprint

Have you picked out your color, yet?Now that the pre-order season is done, and purchase time is just around the corner on September 20, Sprint is one of the first carriers out of the gate with a new enticement for potential new customers. Staring the same day the iPhone 5c will be available, Sprint will give you $100 off any new […]

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Sprint, Verizon Will Start Taking iPhone 5C Preorders On Friday At Midnight Pacific

iphone_5c_apple_spread_4x3Over the past few years, Apple has always told people when they can start preording the next iPhone after it has been announced. This year, though, Apple is allowing preorders of only the iPhone 5C, and not allowing preorders of the iPhone 5S at all. And even on the iPhone 5C side of things, Apple […]

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Sprint Launches LTE Connectivity In 22 New Locations


The demand for 4G LTE connectivity has never been higher, and companies are pulling all the tricks out the bag to try to fulfil the high demand. Last night, Sprint announced that it has turned on high-speed 4G LTE data in 22 new locations. The announcement was made in a single press release on the U.S. carrier’s website.

The new 22 locations that Sprint has turned on high-speed LTE data in include:

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