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Stage a Fiasco with a Prank Kernel Panic Screen Saver for Mac OS X

Little is dreaded more in the Mac world than the kernel panic, the Mac OS X equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death of yesteryear. While modern versions of Mac OS X don’t display the kernel panic screen like they used to, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have some mischievous fun with a … Read More

Stage actress Patti Lupone takes rude texting into her own hands – literally

The next time you buy tickets to see famed stage actress Patti Lupone in a show, just leave your cell phone at home. The Tony and Grammy award winner delivered her exit line during her performance of Shows for Days…Read more ›

iPhone 6 in final approval stage ahead of China launch

The iPhone 6 may be on the verge of officially going on sale in China, according to a top government regulator speaking on Tuesday. As one of Apple’s most promising markets (which may one day even overtake the U.S. in…Read more ›

Apple’s own security guards stage protest outside San Francisco Apple Store

A protest involving around 50 people blocked customers from entering the main doors of Apple’s flagship San Francisco Union Square retail store yesterday. The protest was related to service employees claiming to be underpaid. Organized by the Service Employees International…Read more ›

Apple builds massive side stage for iPhone 6 event

Apple just made its September 9 iPhone/iWatch event official by sending out press invites that revealed pretty much nothing other than the date of the event. To add to the mystery of what could be an Apple double-feature, with both the…Read more ›

Poll: Why is Apple building a huge stage for the September event?

Our first question when we saw the pics of the huge stage Apple is hammering into place at the already cavernous Flint Center is: what are they going to show off there? Has Craig Federighi’s hair become too inflated for…Read more ›

Use The Essential iKlip 2 Any Time You’re On Stage With An iPad [Review]

Stand 6Time to come clean: I play guitar and sing in a disco band. I know, I know, the backlash against that kind of music has been going on since 1977. Trust me, I know. But the way people respond to this still-valid, we-use-real-instruments form of music is so much better than the way they used […]

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Stage An Opera On Your iPhone With This Fun Game [Review]

Show must go on Not many opera companies have ventured on to the App Store, but Londons Royal Opera House has and the result is something unexpected: not a listings app, not a tickets app, not anything youd normally associate with opera. Its a game. And its great.   The Show Must Go On puts you in charge of a typical opera production, which is a great deal  [Read More…]

Forget Elvis: Steve Jobs Impersonators Take Center Stage [Video]

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xfXIPJBUY8 It looks as if just about every expat in Asia with a black turtleneck and some specs is working as a Steve Jobs impersonator. The video above is of another random guy in China parading around a stage as Jobs in a commercial where he hawks snacks as iPads. Or iPad snacks. Or something. An earlier one, for a tea company, was pulled from YouTube shortly after making a splash. It also follows a Taiwan politician dressing up as  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs on the Stage on the iPad 2 Media Event

Some good news at the beginning of the Media Event, Steve Jobs is talking currently on stage, presenting Apple’s special event at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.  really I like to see the presentation of this guy, he is very talanted and attractive. It’s expected to see some surprises in few minutes, stay tuned

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