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Apple had a different stance on helping the FBI in 2008

Here in 2016, Apple may be at odds with the FBI on the subject of iPhone unlocking — but things weren’t always that way! According to a new report, when the FBI first asked Apple to help it unlock an iPhone, way back in 2008, Apple didn’t just comply with the order; it actually helped […]

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BlackBerry CEO: Apple’s privacy stance is unethical

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has waded in on the the question of whether or not Apple is right to refuse to help the government access smartphone data for security purposes. “For years, government officials have pleaded to the technology industry for help,” Chen wrote in a recent blogpost. “Yet [the requests] have been met with […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Edward Snowden leaks with praise for Apple’s privacy stance

Apple has been eager to point out lately that unlike Google and Facebook it doesn’t collect or sell your personal information. It’s been a great way for the company to differentiate itself from its competitors and Apple has apparently won…Read more ›

Tim Cook reiterates Apple’s strong privacy stance

Ever since Tim Cook took over at Apple he’s been as outspoken about social issues as he has about the company’s latest insanely great product. During his recent whistle-stop world tour, that included Israel, the United Kingdom and Germany, Cook took…Read more ›

Pixelated nudity FTW after Apple reverses stance on Papers, Please

The latest App Store rejection controversy has surrounded a critically acclaimed game called Papers, Please. When developer Lucas Pope finally brought the title to iPad, he was forced by Apple to remove all nudity, no matter how pixelated. Never mind…Read more ›

Apple reverses stance on weird iOS calculator widget ban

Yesterday Apple notified indie developed James Thomson that he would have to remove the iOS 8 widget from his calculator app, PCalc. After the news received a good amount of backlash and press attention, Apple has reversed its stance on the issue.…Read more ›

Apple Reverses Stance On Lighting Rules To Allow POP Kickstarter Project

POP is back in business!

Last week, we told you about how Apple’s ridiculous Lightning rules forced a Kickstarter project to shut down after raising $ 140,000. The POP Station was intended to provide charging for multiple kinds of connectors, including Lightning and the older 30-pin. For users who own newer Apple devices and legacy 30-pin devices, the POP solved the problem of constantly switching out cables.

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Interview: Swype CEO’s Stance On Jailbreak “Swype”

A couple of days ago, ModMyi reported thatSwype had been ported to iOSvia a beta version. Developed by Andrew Liu(@WyndWarrior), the intent of this build was to bring Swype to iOS for the jailbreak community. ModMyi was the first to report this find, and the article caught the eye of Swype Inc, the company behind the initial innovation, technology, and the product Swype. Because the name “Swype” was used inappropriately without permission and the newly  [Read More…]